Is there a viable swarm deck?


I’m really trying to pull of one with Gro and Sarlac, but everything is just bad. :sweat:

Show some swarm decks here.


I have played against a couple, so I know that they are out there, but I couldn’t really provide you with a list. Also, Gro is the Magmar Battlepet with Grow. I know which pet you are thinking of but the name is running from me. Edit- GOR LOL

The decks I faced were running the new respawn pet, which has crazy synergy with Ritual Banishing. You will literally always have a friendly target for RB, so I think running 3 of them is good. I don’t play Abyssian much, so just giving you something to go on, but I would start with something similar to this.

If you don’t have Spectral Revenant other lategame cards will do, but I think it is one of the strongest cards for lethal/setting up lethal next turn.

Someone also suggested swapping out Spectral Blade for Wraithling swarm. Your curve will be a little bit weird, but you could just change some cards out. 3x Keilano and 3x Shadow Dancer should be plenty of healing.

Soul Grimwar is a good finisher. Maybe swap out Dark Transformation

If anyone has any suggestion please let me know, as I said I don’t really play Abyssian.


I think he meant gor.

Also why no wraithling swarm?


Yeah thats a good card for swarm, what would you recommend swapping out for it?


…spectral blade?

Swarm is just too good


Yeah that would probably be good. I think 3 Keliano and 3 Shadow Dancer are probably good enough for healing


Definitely consider using Soul Grimwar. It’s very good, as it can lead to some insane lethals or just huge damage swings early on. It’s a strong wincon.

Void steal also seems pretty good, although I haven’t tried it myself.


Do you prefer SG of Spec Rev as a fisher? Or would you run some of both?


I prefer SG, because you can definitely pull off lethal before 7 mana hits, and Spec rev’s effect is more oriented towards clearing the board. But I would run some of both. 2 SG, 2 Spec Revs seem fine.


Agree with that right there. Def SG for swarm.


Crescendo is better than sg in every way; use crescendo instead. Drop sarlaac, its redundant with gor.

Shadowdancer isnt worth it these days; 5 slot is better with 9 moons, or kron/zenrui-- dancer has too much competition, and keliano does her job better, so shes redundant. Put in vorpal reaver if you can, or 9 moons/kron/zenrui if you cant.

Nightsorrow sucks, put in 3x daemonic lure instead. I’d drop a lkain, you dont need that much draw in this deck, particularly if youre dropping blade for swarm.


Now, you can get more damage when using SG because the minion that would’ve been DCed could contribute a death. Also, with SG if you can’t race into and clear board, then hit face, your opponent will have to provoke or knock off artifact.

Death fire crescendo is still good, though.

Sarlaacs are redundant. Missed that.

I think assassin in key in the early game to deal with things that normally kill multiple wraithlings and comes with a body. Also kills obelysks and eggs and drops a body on the board.

Still, lure is good.

I’d argue that shadow dancer is key in that it deals damage - something that kelaino falls to do. Healing is a nice bonus.

I might test a list or two and come back with results, if I have time.


I got a dying wish swarm deck, 3Xlurking fear makes all your DW minions dirt cheap and with gor and sarlac providing infinite bodies, get a blood moon up and watch the swarm flood the screen.

Side note: I can never seems to bring myself to make a deck with 30 minions too many spells, not enough spirit


Dying wish swarm? Interesting, I thought DW decks would be more vorpal reaver/ reaper of 9 moons/ nether summoning based…


Yup, all of those. Except I dont have the spirit for nether summoning. I basically make a DW deck and add priestesses and dancers. You would be surprised how often it gets to swarm. With enough lurking fear you can get reapers down to 2 mana and vorpals down to 3, and sarlacs free. Lots of minions that want to die lead to a lot of deathwatch activation


And then rite of the undervault just wins the game :wink: but nether summoning is really good, especially with ritual banishing.

The problem is that lurking fear is epic and I’m fresh out of spirit so I’ll have to wait on that :cry:


Grimwar has to hit face immediately or it can be pinged off for little to no cost in most matches- in the normal course of dealing damage to you, which is what the opponent wants to do anyway and will lose them no tempo. Your general takes the recoil from any hits you dish out, and your general has to be in range of your target (the enemy general, often) necessitating that decks which want to make full use of Grimwar must use tracers.

Crescendo on the other hand cannot be pinged off and thus must be removed via either dispel or hard removal (rarer than say, any spells, abilities, or minions available that can hit your general’s face, and it costs your opponent tempo since removal doesn’t help them by dealing damage to your face). Crescendo also cares nothing about recoil, generally giving enough health to its target to sponge any hits. Crescendo is easy to use to trade into an enemy minion you need to remove that would be disastrous for your general to attack directly, and it will still easily threaten lethal after being used for removal.

– TL;DR Overall Crescendo is harder for your enemy to deal with and more versatile, at the cost of 2 damage, which in the grand scheme of things is not relevant because often your general can attack and kill a minion on that turn anyway which they wouldn’t have done with Grimwar, thus evening out the score.

As for nightsorrow vs lure, anything nightsorrow can destroy, lure can move off into a corner where it might never be relevant again. Futhermore, anything nightsorrow can’t destroy (read: most things) lure can still move off into a corner where it might never be relevant again. This is particularly useful for things you don’t want to kill completely- like Aymara’s and Taygetes, two very common threats you have no good answers to right now (lightbender is a loss in temo for those purposes, and leaves behind big bodies). This makes lure better. Also, as a side note, using a nightsorrow to kill an egg is a huge loss in tempo and probably almost never a good play-- but you could do it with lure for one mana less anyway. Lure is so amazing that if you desperately don’t want to cut out nightsorrow I’d suggest you cut ritual banishing or dark transformation because it’s a travesty not to have lure.

Shadow dancer does deal damage, but the things you could be playing instead of it will deal much much more damage, such as vorpal reaver, which you realllllly should have in a swarm deck as it’s hands-down the best swarm-enabler in Abyssian, but in any case 9 moons or Kron also are more dangerous too. It’s not that dancer is bad, it’s that everything it does is done better by something else-- vorpal is more damage, crescendo is a better deathwatch, kelaino heals better. I wouldn’t use a deck slot on dancer.


I’m currently rocking swarm with

Gor x3
Primus Fist x3
Shiro Puppydragon x3
Sarlac the Eternal x3
Sojourner x3
Bloodmoon Priestess x3
Silhouette Tracer x3
Inquisitor Kron x3
Shadowdancer x3
Pandora x2

Soul Gimwar x2

Consuming Rebirth x2
Darkfire Sacrifice x3
Ritual Banishing x3

…yeah, when I swarm, I go balls-in. The only thing that isn’t entirely obvious is that I frequently actually hold onto a Consuming Rebirth for when an Inquisitor or a Shadowdancer get Dispelled. :slight_smile:


What you’re saying about crescendo makes sense. It’s just that, if your opponent has no board after you wombocombo grimwar, they’d have to use two damaging effects if they don’t want to get hit from grimwar again

For assassin, I think it’s important to remember that assassin leaves a 2/1 body behind, helping you swarm more :slight_smile:

I think vorpal reaper is too vulnerable, most times I suspect it will get dispelled - revenant is better at dealing damage, with its rush. But its probably still worth a slot. Also dancer is good at killing artifacts! More importantly, it can also double the damage of your wraithlings going face, the turn you play it. I think that speed aspect is important when considering dancer.


Any Diamond Rank decks? Im Rank 9 with mine and its no good.
Will post it later and I’ll also try new things today based on the suggestions.