Is there a Block List to avoid playing against abusive players?


I’m running into people who are purposely waiting until their turn is almost over to make their play. I just played against another one, from Turn 1 they did this to completely waste our time.

Why do people do this? Obviously they know what they’re doing because they make a proper play in the last 5 seconds. Are these bots or something?

Regarding a Block List-

There are so many players that you’ll rarely encounter the same one twice, the greater benefit of a Block List is that we can pre-emptively avoid players like this by sharing their names (or messaging the names to anyone interested if there’s a policy against exposing abusive players) so we can all benefit.

Would this affect Season Ladders? I guess we could all block the people with meta decks so we don’t have to die from boredom seeing the same strategies lol


they might just be thinking. i’ve watched mogwai’s streams recently and he ropes almost every turn because he thinks through all his options before making his play


We do not offer a block list, if you feel someone is breaking the rules, being abusive or otherwise causing a harshly negative environment you are welcome to contact our support through the report feature after a match and we will look into it.


I totally understand that. However-

•These people delay picking the starting hand.
•They delay every single turn
•They delay even when they only have 1 card in their hand and options are extremely limited
•Near the end of the recent match, I could have been killed by one hit from any enemy, and they even delayed that turn

I’d have to record the matches to use more specific situations as examples, but you get the jist. It’s not hard to tell when someone is just screwing with you.


Thanks Ry, I’ll wait for other players to chime in before going on a reporting binge lol. I don’t want to be the sole lunatic raving about this problem


Another thing: it might be causes by connectivity issues on either your or your opponent’s end. Sometimes, if you have connectivity issues, all of your opponent’s actions will show at once near the end of their turn. Likewise, if they have connectivity issues, then they might not be able to connect during some turns. Check the green or red circle above someone’s username to check their connectivity


I would love if there was a possibility to block people by searching their name and then blocking them.
During and hence right after a match things are usually fine, people sometimes even want to become my friend, which is a happy occasion for me.
Then they message me, call me ‘fag’ or ‘u scum’ and immediately remove me as friend, leaving me with no option to block them. I cannot see myself remembering all their names so I can block them right after the next time we happen to meet in battle.

I don’t mind playing them, I just don’t want to get any more ‘friend’ requests from them just so they can call me names.


Blocking system would make my life much easier on the ladder ^^,I just block all the top players, nbr 1 S-rank EZPZ


yeah nice idea, i would really like to block all players with good metadecks and play instead against players with the lyonar starterdeck at s-rank, sounds funny for me :smile:


Getting offended by this in this day and age smh.


T2K5 has an “auto-mute” function in his script, you might want to check that out, but i dont know if it blocks friend requests too


They are camping anyway as I’ve read… :wink:


I have been fortunate to have received only a couple of “hate requests.” I did have a game the other day in one of my new alt accounts where the person did all of their plays very early in the turn and then let it rope completely into my turn. I was a little annoyed, but then I remembered it was bronze and they probably didn’t know about the end turn button. Maybe.


Maybe I should have made a new thread, but I thought it better to post in an already existing thread on the same topic.
Anyhow, my suggestion, as I typed before, is not to block playing against them, as the worst they can do there is spam emoticons and wait until turn end, but to block them from sending a friend request and talking to you in the future.


DND feature already exists.


DND? What is that?


Do Not Disturb. It’s a handy little button which prevents people from adding you or messaging you. How can you suggest features for the game without even knowing ones the game already has? :sleeping:


It’s in the Settings menu, sorry to hear you’ve run into a string of dicklings. That, combined with T2K5’s scripts is the most comprehensive way of blocking out the haters. I make a point of reporting users but I wish CP published the way they discipline players that regularly get reported, the system always feels like I’m throwing effort into a void.


Block lists don’t mesh very well with matchmaking systems


Oh Do Not Disturb, yeah I saw that, but I didn’t recognize your abbreviation.

But I do like to get friend invites from nice people to chat with afterwards or so.
I kinda like making friends in this community.

So blocking everyone is no option and not what I’d like.