Is the playerbase dropping?


This is no ,the game is dead, thread.
Its a question about you feeling like the playerbase is decreasing too.
I mainly feel like that thanks to ladder difficulty…a few months back diamond was EZ to achieve,now in gold 10 days into the season most people play good and with strong decks.I don,t see the messy decks in the hands of inefficient players anymore that i used to commonly face and grind up on in Gold.Perphaps im seeing things wrong though…maybe the playerbase is not dropping but in a stalement:few leave,few come,therefore the playerbase doesnt decrease and just gitguds


Mentioned this in a topic not too long ago, but personally I’ve been seeing more players who have no ribbons over the last couple of seasons in both Silver and Gold. Maybe its just me, but I think there has been an influx of new players to the game in 2018 at least. So which might be leading to better players or more efficient meta decks being played in Gold earlier in the season than previous seasons.


But more players=easyer ladder.Ladder difficulty always depends on the average skilllevel of the playerbase.If influx of new players happens the average skilllevel decreases,making the ladder easyer.May you explain to me why the influx of new players leads to better players?


I thought they improved the ladder semi-recently, where players would drop less ranks and stay within more or less the same area of ladder. If people don’t drop ranks as much, then the better players stay up there.
Unless of course I am misremembering.


You are misremembering…doesnt matter if you are dia or S,down to silver(rank11) you go at each new season.


Not always, it could mean that players with more meta decks are just able to climb that much faster because they are able to gain wins over newer players a lot easier. The newer players are still in Silver and don’t get to Gold until later on in the season, whereas more experienced ones reach Gold in a quicker time.


Dunno if relevant, but same observation for me.
(only doing a dozen match/day everyday)


Am I the only one that likes having a small community? That way there’s not a bunch of toxic people


I agree, but I want the game to make decent money as well. I want to support CPG the best I can, but unfortunately, I’m broke and underage.




Not necassarily 56u7 is a player that only started to play last season… and he is already one of the best players in the game.


I’m in gold now and I bumped into lot of players never seen before, also with few or no ribbons.


It actually seems to me there has been a recent injection of new players in the game. I also met a number of players with no or very few ribbons on the ladder…


we also got a bunch of new streamers… like KapraoMuu.

But I think the best thing is when we would get more gold and Silver regulars that may or may not develop further.

Card games tend to have a high fluctuation of beginners


Well thanks for the informative replys.Together with the new expansion that launches soon the playerbase should be completely fine.


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