Is Storm Kage completely unviable?


Someone has to have had some margin of success with this card, right? Personally I’ve never seen it outside of one Daily Challenge a while back. Wouldn’t Kage Lightning be a succinct answer to Variax Wraithlings, for instance, given that the spell would refresh itself thanks to SK’s effect?


The card itself isn’t awful, but it’s just outclassed by other options that Songhai and costs way to much for their usual aggro-burn. Also running a card just to deal with one possible threat is a bad idea.


It is too slow,At 7 mana people are already set up.The card is better with Geomancer in the game that was second biggest problem finding a spell to use it but it is still a little too slow.

The game needs a something slow it down then cards like Kage,Oserix and Silthar Elder would be better.


Its super slow. In order to become viable, It should be a 5 drop imho (of course with smaller stats)


A sentiment I hear echoed in the Duelyst Official Discord server is that “you want to win, not lose slowly.”

I’m certain Storm Kage is awesome to use, when it works, and certainly overpowering when it goes off. However, Songhai has better options for playing a faster game, and a more consistent slow game. When you play big key pieces that way, it becomes easier to poke holes in your gameplan.

Additionally, Kage not only has to stick, but you also need a spare damage-dealing spell to set off the chain, so it’s more difficult to utilize than most big minions.

If you like it, give it a whirl, let us know how it turns out :?)


I think that this strategy would work, but like any other Variax Counter Strategy(other than playing aggro, or strong burst) it will simply lose to removal whereas Variax’s effect is permanent. I have been searching and searching for a way to outlast and overpower Variax Swarm but I literally do not think it is possible to win a war of resources against it.

Even if you can stall 5 turns, you can’t beat 10/10 of stats coming at you every turn. Eventually the Abyssian will draw removal and destroy your value generator and you will be back to square 1 against a board of 15/ 5/5s.


Storm Kage has the problem of having been designed for a different game, one with old manaforger in it. When manaforger was changed from ‘your spells cost 1 less’ (a very necessary change for the game’s design space) Kage became forever a dead card, the sort I secretly suspect is kept in games as filler for packs. Maybe one day a card will be introduced that combos well enough to make it playable in meme decks, but I doubt it. Theres simply no way to make good use of the spells it produces the turn it is summoned, and as a lategame ‘ask for permission’ card, it provides essentially no punish for leaving it alive other than having your minions (if you have any out) get blown up, something today’s rush- and spell-heavy win cons care nothing about.

If you’re missing cards that are playable in your collection, get rid of Kage.


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