Is Soulshatter Pact not valuable in a Lilithe Swarm Deck?


I don’t have access to my deck list to share, but it’s a pretty straightforward Swarm deck using Lilithe.

I find myself replacing Soulshatter Pact for other picks (Silver 14 currently), and I’ve yet to find a good use for it. Am I just not using it properly, or is it time to replace it with something else? How has everyone else been doing with it if it’s an auto-include for Swarm?



soulshatter is good if you already have a lot on the board. its even better if you have minions with deathwatch on the board. but unless you have a bunch of minions (wraithlings) that are going to attack anyways, its useless.


Swarm Abyssian tends to use a playset of Deathfire Cresendo and one to two copies of Void Steal to push for lethal. If you’re only using Soulshatter Pact because of tight budget constraints than consider using Shadow Reflection in its place.


Nah, no budget constraints. I’ve already got Void Steal in there (is this an auto-include? It’s so good!) so I may just need either more bodies or something different. Sorry I don’t have a list to scrutinize right now, but it does help me understand more about Soulshatter Pact.

I’ll post a list as soon as I’m home from work.