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Is my replace mechanic broken?


I just want to say this happened 8 times in a row.

8 times.

Replace a card, receive the EXACT same card back. Every time. Sometimes there were only 2 copies in the deck. I don’t get it.


It’s a bug that came with .75 or .74


I seem to very often have that I replace a card, get a different card, then as my draw that turn I draw the replaced card :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems to happen to me with my opening mulligan. Replace HE and Jux, draw HE and Jux as replacements. To be fair, I have 2 HE and 3 Jux but it happens a little bit too often, suspiciously so.


Its a bug apparently, since it wasnt meant to happen before.

Technically you cant get another copy of the replaced card.


Do I need to reinstall Duelyst because I feel like I’m getting really fucking robbed here when I can’t effectively draw or replace minions.


Do you have another copy of the cards you are replacing? If you do I believe you can replace into another copy of the same card.


You cant though. Or you aren’t supposed to be able to. It even says in the game when you’re loading “You will never receive the same card back when replacing a card.”

Also, as noted above, if I replace a card I seem to ALWAYS draw that card at the end of the turn.

I’m sure there is something going on with the mechanic in general.


I was confused about that as well, but it only refers to the SPECIFIC card you replace. For example I have two SpecRevs in my deck every so often I replace one and draw another one. This NEVER happened when I only had one copy. Aside from that you drawing the card at end of turn is prolly just bad RNG it has happened to me, but it is relatively rare (Unless it’s a 3-of in my deck where at worst it would be a 3/32 chance) So overall with how quickly you cycle through cards in game, combined with when RNGesus screwed you over being more memorable it’s probably not a problem in game.


Can you guys elaborate a bit on what your experiencing? If you mean during the mulligan phase you can receive the same cards back that you put into the deck. The replace you get per turn can not give you back the same card you put in however.


It’s (imo) 3 things:

  • Before-the-game mulligan: Selecting cards for replace and getting the same cards back
    This happens, but it feels to me it doesn’t happen that much, it’s pretty much fine actually.

  • During-the-game replacing: Getting the same card when replacing a card
    This happens, but it feels to me it doesn’t happen that much, though more often than the first point.

  • Replacing, getting a new card, then at the end of the turn drawing the replaced card, or getting the replaced card from the turn before.
    This feels like it happens a lot, to me.

Basically, it feels as if my deck is halved, and I keep cycling through half my deck, and constantly getting those cards, and not the other half of the deck. They seem totally undrawable.

Now, I do know memory and notice bias, really, so I am not saying it’s wrong yet, but there does seem to be something off.

What I would love to see is someone making a highlander deck (1 copy of each card, no card twice) and playing 20 games against the AI, ending after 10 turns, and writing down every single replace they did and card they drew, and then letting statistics loose on that.

I may do it myself if I have the time/energy, but I rather doubt it, so it would be awesome if someone could test that (yes, it will take long, but I feel 200 makes for a kind of decent sample size to determine a real bug somewhere or not).


The chances are as follows:
Starting Hand: 1/(39/5) per card
Mulligan replaces: 1/34 for each card
T1 Replace: 1/34
T1 Draw: 1/34 Deck 34 -> 33
T2 Replace 1/33
T2 Draw 1/33 Deck 33->32
T3 Replace 1/32
T3 Draw 1/32 Deck 32-31
T4 Replace 1/31
T4 Draw 1/31 Deck 31-> 30
T5 Replace 1/30
T5 Draw 1/30 Deck 30 -> 29
T6 Replace 1/29
T6 Draw 1/29 Deck 29 -> 28
T7 Replace 1/28
T7 Draw 1/28 Deck 28 -> 27
T8 Replace 1/27
T8 Draw 1/27 Deck 27 -> 26
T9 Replace 1/26
T9 Draw 1/26 Deck 26 -> 25
T10 Replace 1/25
T10 Draw 1/25 Deck 25 -> 24

If you end up doing 300 trials your numbers will probably be close to this. This is the reason why most draw cards are good, they thin your deck while keeping advantage, reducing a 1/32 to a 1/31 is very useful.


The second point, I just want to make extra sure Aeruniel. You are saying you are replacing a card through the replace mechanic and receiving a copy of the same card? I.E I replace Lantern Fox and get another Lantern Fox?


Correct, but it’s not thát often. I assume those are the other copies because I heard it’s impossible to get the same card, so that’s why the test has to only have 1 copy of each card (because we cannot tell).

The real issue imo is the (more-than-statistically-normal) drawing of the card you replaced that turn, or replacing into the card you replaced the turn before, but for that we need the test.

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