Is it time for something new, something fresh? You decide: Duelyst+1 is a tournament format where by adding a single new rule the meta is changed and both decks and players have to adapt


it’s time, this sunday, comming to you: Duelyst +1 ! the new tournament format that changes not everything, but a single new rule. Check out the link if you are interested.

Join us on Discord to make a date for practice:

and finally if you are looking for inspiration for deck building, here are my own thoughts on this round of Duelyst+1:


Very cool I am very interested in seeing this tournament, way to go! :slight_smile:


Think there are a few other cards that should be banned. The main one I see is zendo, as if you place him while the enemy general is next to yours it will result in your opponent getting dqed.


heya, don’t worry, that is taken care of, the rules read:

if your opponent’s action results in himself taking damage during your turn without your influence (for example thumping wave, altered beast, walking onto shadow creep), you are not responsible.

using zendo to force the general to attack the other general is one of those situations.


How do you enforce the rules? Do you just DQ anyone who violates the rules?


6 orbs!?!

Better take some time off work. I’ll need to practise.


i trust duelyst players enough that they themselves will hold up to the rule. if they don’t do it, their opponent certainly will (;

or are you asking about what the punishment is for breaking the rule? that would only be losing the current game, not a complete disqualification.


be ready, tournament starts in little more than 2 hours! if you aren’t sure you can stay for the whole tournament, then simply join the discord voice channel for some impromtu casting (:


Is this available to anyone? (to join and cast I mean)


Anyone wanna practice? I need it badly


sure, I could use some practice too


yes, discord channel here:

everyone is welcome to join to play and to cast. also you can organize practice sessions there.


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