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Is it right for my begining?


this is my Zi’ran healing burn deck i used now.
please comment me to improve myself.

after i read all of your comments.
i decided to modify just a little by my idea.
please take a look.


needs another two drop. i don’t play burn ziran, but i recommend azure herald or healing mystic. maybe take out the enlistee for them? and im not sure about the maiden. glhf :slight_smile:


Maiden is fine, I doubt more the inclusion of Channeled Breath. Replace that for 3 Azure Heralds. I also would play Healing Mystics instead of Lightchaser or Decorated Enlistee. You want as many healing procs as possible.


Lightchaser isn’t as bad as people mostly assume, IMO. After all it’s an early must remove threat similar to chakri avatar.


But Chakri is easier to proc and harder to hide from. He can keep Lightchaser but then I would replace the Enlistee. More healing procs needed :slight_smile:


Vale Hunter is more of a must remove than chaser lol. Replace stuff like all your 1 mana spells, channeled breath, circle of life, enlistee for good basic cards like silverguard, mystic, and the all important tempest. Herald is also really useful and happens to be common. After that the third forger is necessary for consistency.


The many shades of ziran:

Aggro ft. moi


Slower version along the lines of what pow and kieran ran (when they weren’t running spicy control or artifact brews):


Noob-friendly build for those new to the archetype:


Key findings top ziran mains keep going back to:

  • draining wave is underrated AF and whomever advocated it not being run should be shot and thrown in a gulag.

  • holy immolation is really more of a tech than a necessity, not unlike silverguard/claim/sunstrike.

  • tempest is ziran’s best aoe spell.

  • running multiple cheap spells enables you to run both jammer and oath in the same deck. This practice is encouraged, as the deck will gas itself otherwise.

  • when the meta enables aggro, warlock is a staple. Cut it for slower cards along with elixir if the meta calls for more removal.


Dammit, I guess I play exactly your aggro version when I play Healyonar


Yes. That version has been popularized since before MDL.


But I’ve built it myself, like an adult :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not surprised :wink: Convergent evolution is a thing. Like nature, like self.


Circle of Life is a decent control tool, but it’s kind of slow. Go face. (I recommend Lucent Beam.)


Don’t play aggro heal decks; they’re the scum of Duelyst (Holy Immolation, Sunforge Lancer, and Sunriser are up there with Desolator).


You misspelled circle of waste your turn :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah its a pretty bad card unless you’re playing wizard or something.


If it were me, I’d go something like this instead (while keeping the Hallowed Ground theme):

I don’t personally think it’s optimal, but I think it works best for the Hallowed Ground subtheme you seem to be going for. Lucent Beam is an amazing card, but you can’t trigger its high-damage mode with HG. I like Repulsor Beast for a lot of situations, and Vigilator is very hard for most opponents to remove, so you’re very likely to have a healing target the turn after you play it (the effect is just for gravy).


CIRCLE OF WASTE YOUR TURN! Sweet baby Jesus my sides be clapping :joy::rofl::sob::skull::ghost:


Dropping tempest for immo is heresy


Man I never thought we’d come so far that what was once lyonars greatest card is now considered tech…

Rip immolation cats aka discount makantor


It’s one of the better tech cards though.


I wanna live in a world too fast for Makantor