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Is It Possible To Play Browser Based Duelyst On A Mobile Phone?


If so, how exactly?

I thought I heard someone mention that they had done this recently (maybe on a Twitch stream?), but I have been unable to replicate…

I have been testing on an S9+ using both Firefox and Chrome, but despite fiddling with all the settings I can think of, have been unable to get the Duelyst main page to fit on screen correctly, let alone actually play a game.

Thanks in advance for the help, guys



Aha… Yep, I saw those threads - and I did also try messing with Desktop/Mobile settings, to no avail… :frowning:

Maybe @snowshot has more detailed info?




Make sure to enable ‘Desktop mode’. If it doesn’t work try using Chrome Beta for Android.


Thanks, Boronian…

But the plan was to be able to play out in the sun, down by the river… :stuck_out_tongue:

@duzt I did try with desktop mode enabled, but I’ll test again with the Beta, just in case


man, just buy an old weak laptop surplus. They’re like, a dollar on sale on those eurasian online stores like lazada.

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