Is it okay that you're not able to concede if the enemy had already queued their actions which lead to lethal and if not how should this issue be addressed?


Not being able to concede while the enemy is performing lethal can get annoying considering the animations can be quite lengthy, especially if there are multiple minions and spells involved in the process. I’d much rather not watch myself get killed and do it myself and concede. It’s just an unpleasant feeling not being able to get out of the game you definitely lost when you want to. Sure, this unpleasant felling only last few seconds but still. HS had the same problem and they got it fixed, hopefully it’s within the engine’s limits to do it here as well.

I know this isn’t a big deal and that I might appear overly sensitive but I still wanted to talk about it. I also know that I’m not the first nor the last person bringing it up.



Alt+F4, problem solved.


That doesn’t really help as it wastes even more time and still feels me leaving bad as I’m basically feeling like I rage quit :confused:


Then how about Alt + Tab ?




I knew someone out there understood my pain.


It’s a bad feeling, but having your opponent concede before the end of the game when you’re on an Aggressor or Assassin quest is equally bad.
I would say that when your opponent gives you a clean death it’s alright. The worst is when he’s showing off his hand on useless drops/moves just to show you how superior he was, if you killed the guy and I was the judge at court, I would give you a hug and let you go.


When is the concede button ever greyed out? I don’t understand.

I have seen people concede in the middle of being attacked (was lethal) on Mogwai’s stream a few days ago.

Also, I would be fine with conceding happening all the time (if it somehow is disabled at certain moments?) if this is implemented:

Preferrably with excogitatur’s amendment for minions.


Once lethal is queued, you can’t concede anymore.


Well… Just do it…


I meant change title to less clickbaity, so don’t delete me mods.


+1 for first post kvewgir


I think the major problem here is that there is no option to skip animations or accelerate them


I liked the old name way moar, this one hurts ma eyes.
To contribute sth: I honestly don’t care about those few seconds, and if i can i try to figure out their lethals anyway (assuming they have certain cards and combinations, so that i can instaforfeit once they play that card :smiley: )


Apparently some people were offended by it. Even though I don’t see why as there’s no reason to be suicidal anymore now when Reva’s nerfed. :upside_down: Anyway, back to topic.

I’m doing the same but I still can’t concede on time. So what you’re saying is basically how I should work on improving my APM? I finally got an excuse to play Starcraft then.


Yeah basically, get gud, i can recommend age of empires 3, its a cash game and for some reason still has a small active community that mods and organizes tours after 11 years. Nah i mean it’d definitely be a small convenient change, just like to count hp and minions that are on the field at the point of forfeit for the corresponding quests, but i can also make do without that.


Hey, Starcraft is a good game!


TFW, Ao2 is the best


Agreed. This feeling sucks :rage: esp when the enemy is piling up dmg


It’s literally 10 seconds of your life until the match is over. I’m okay with losing that precious time.