Is it my connection, or something else?


I wouldn’t do a thread about that, but lately it happens pretty frequently. On Sunday it was like every second game (I haven’t played much since then). Match is loading like 5 minutes and then I getting a message “We hit a snag!”. My connection is a stable(mostly) 100Mb/s, but it might be that, since I haven’t seen anybody talking about it. Anyone else does have this problem? Or is it just me?


Just you, as far as I know.


Yeah maybe I’m just unlucky. Today it happen only three times in like seven games so I guess it’s a progress.
Edit: 4 times, 2 in a row…


I think I get the same problem. I hit play on ranked, the matchup screen appears (Vanar Vs Magmar voiceover bit), it stays on that screen for a couple of mins. Then comes back with something like “We hit a snag!” or something similar and puts me back on the main menu screen. But when checking the match history, it counts that game as a loss even though I never actually entered the match itself. For me it happens roughly every 1 in 3 to 1 in 4 games. Don’t know why it does that and it doesn’t happen every time I’m on Duelyst. But I kinda got a small way to get around the problem. If it happens on the client or steam, I quickly go to the browse version and sometimes I’m able to get into the match but doesn’t work 100% of the time though.


Sounds like a terrible solution to the rat game problem hearthstone has when the server has a meltdown.