Is it me or arcanyst decks are broken?


How do you beat them when you dont have enough cards?


Yes they are. To beat them you have to go face, fast. Lategame you can’t hold a candle to them unless you play Variax.


I agree. Smorc or producing more value than them is the only way to go. Unfortunately, Variax is the only way to outvalue them reliably, because other infinite value generators like Silithar Elder can be dispelled.


Ya welcome to last month.


Arcanyst faie’s hard to beat without aoe, Abyssian can flip the course of the game with death knell, and songhai can deal massive amounts of damage at once.

To beat faie you need:
-Sufficient damage to end it before it gets out of hand.
-Aoe to get rid of illusionists
-The will to take a beating. Her arcanysts often don’t do a lot of one turn damage, but their overtime threat is what you should look out for.

To be Abyssian:
-Health in the late game
-A way to end the game before late game

To beat Songhai:
-Sufficient control. They often deal with threats by killing or turning them into a panda. High stat’d or forcefield minions are pretty good against them.
Control also helps endsure that ranged units dont get too far away.


One of the biggest strengths of Aracnsyts is their ability to snowball with owl and create an insurmountable board. I don’t think Arcanysts are OP but just very punishing to play against because they can very crazy very fast. Lightbender is a good, cheap tech for them since you can dispel most of them. If you have Ancient Bonds keeping an EMP or two can reverse the board state.


If the devs think they’re good for the game, then they’re good.

At least one balance dev is on record as saying that they like the gameplay Blue Conjurer brings, the team were boasting about how broken Circulus was in testing and considering that they were happy to let the patch their biggest tournament (DWC) was being held on, get through with 0 changes to the Arcanysts, it’s fair to say that these decks are NOT broken, in the eyes of the one set of people that matter.


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