Is it just me or is Mechazor being used too much


I’ve fighting a lot of people lately going for Mechazor right away…Did Mechazor suddenly become Meta?


You can thank Z0R for that…


Who is that? Sorry new here.


Nevermind saw it. The battle pet. But no they play Mechazor even without it.


Mech was always meta.


Mech is a tried and true archetype that works well regardless of the meta.
(Because it really doesn’t interact with your opponent all that much…)

So if there’s a huge meta shakeup - like right now - it’s a reliable deck to climb the ladder.

Z0r might help Mech decks, but on the other hand the strongest Mech deck got a slight nerf with Spirit of the Wilds increased mana cost.

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In my experience, z0r did help mech, but mech-hai lost ancestral divination, and you mentioned the spirit nerf, so I expect mech to be more tame after the shimzar dust settles


Changed the title. Thanks!

Oh might give mecha deck a try, It’s annoying to deal with Mechazor, have to pray for a dispel space to screw him up.


If you are having trouble versus Mech Decks, you should consider adding some of the following cards in your deck to counter him. If anyone else knows of anymore please let me know.

Soft counter/situational: Ephemeral Shroud, Lightbender, Sun Bloom, Chromatic Cold, Decimate, Deathstrike Seal, Hexblade, Circle of Dessication

Hard Counter: Crossbones, Sunset Paragon, Hollow Grovekeeper


As an alternative, if you want to run a deck that doesn’t tech in cards just to beat mech, you can just run Aggro and rush the Mech player down. Their minions are so badly-statted that you will usually win before the big guy comes.


Honestly, I haven’t seen Mech around that much at all. Sure Mech got Z0r, but Mech lost Spirit of the Wild and all the other decks got much better upgrades. I see it every now and then, but not much more than usual.

Also to the people playing Mech while all these shiny new cards are out…shame on you :stuck_out_tongue:


Lots of replies, learned a few from reading too!

I dunno maybe it’s just my bad luck, I’ve been running to mech users more often than before.

Like mnmkami said, I just rush them.


surprisingly i haven’t seen a single mech deck on ladder, i guess i’ve just been lucky


The largest nerf to mech is that Vetruvian can now run non-mech decks


thats why i run 3 decimate


I’ve seen more mechs than I do usually…
My thinking is that mechs will always be reliable regardless of whatever expansion comes out. It’s a static deck type that exists outside of any meta. Its a budget deck that will likely never be outdated, which is why its run so much.


there are a few minions with the “mech” tag. most of them have poor stats but a nice effect, as well as a specific opening gambit: “increase mechaz0r progress 20%”. Summon five of them, and you can summon MECHAZ0R, who appears wherever you choose, and has ranged, frenzy, and is immune to spells.

z0r is a battle pet (you can’t control it) that, when destroyed, adds a random mech minion to your action bar. it accelarates mech by letting you have more than 3 of each mech in the deck.


Mechaz0r is honestly a lot of fun to play for how little spirit it costs to build. I have another “fun” deck, I call it my Pokemon Deck since it mostly consists out of Flying Pokemon looking minions such as Skywing and a few that look like trainers lol. But it’s not as good as Mechaz0r, resulting in losing more often and therefore I choose to play Mechaz0r instead. That’s the reason why I play it.


I have this ridiculously janky cassyva creepz0r hybrid deck that i’m gonna need to update that basically aims to chip at the other guy and eat removal/dispels until mecha finishes them off.

my favorite deck, but so janky…