Is it just me or do card backs seem kind of forced?


I feel like the animation that was included to show off card backs just slows down the game. On top of that you can’t even see them in game as the player using them so it kind puts a damper on wanting to look good when you can’t even see it yourself.

Could we maybe get an option to turn off card back animations? Also the prismatic glow behind units hurts clarity and makes it a little harder to tell what’s what at a glance. An option to turn that off as well would be great. I like the summoning animation and all that though. Just the glowing fog kind of blurs out the unit.


They definitely seem like they were shoehorned in. Duelyst, despite borrowing heavily from card game mechanics, is not a card game aesthetically, and I feel like the current implementation of card backs is disruptive for the overall flow of the game.

I would prefer a different approach, such as a different background on the actual card.


See I like the card back art, and I really take no offence at them being put in because I am a fast player, and doesn’t really affect me


It’s obviously forced. Game isn’t made to support cardback cosmetics since we don’t even see cardbacks in the first place. So them making cards rotate when played for the sake of it of course looks forces.

I personally don’t mind it though. I actually had to try to notice the cardback rather than being hindering by it slowing the game by point five seconds or whatever it is.

About prismatic cards, I don’t agree about them making it harder to spot what card is being played. If anything, some people complain how it’s not flashy enough. I like it as it is.


To be honest, I don’t like neither card backs nor prismatic cards.
Card backs for the reason that were named here: slowing down the game, can’t see them for myself, but only the card backs of my opponent.
Prismatic cards for the reason, that I have the same card twice in my collection. If they keep making new prismatic cards, the collection will be very full one day. I would like to have an option to turn card backs off and that I can see the cards in my collection without prismatic cards.

These kind of aesthetics belong to card games with real cards imo, not to digital ones. On the other side I really like the Mark II Gear though!


Pris doesn’t bother me, but the card backs are dumb. We should def have the option to turn it off. Sure, 5 seconds… Per card played. I’m a pretty fast player, but it still annoys me. I’d rather the not exist. Oh well though.


I recently madde a reddit post about this very issue: Card Backs: Don’t force in stuff that doesn’t improve the game in ANY way for the sole reason of selling more cosmetics

Lots of people seemed to agree there, so it’s certainly not just you. I also feel card backs are very obviously shoehorned in simply because they worked in Hearthstone, but they don’t work in Duelyst at all.


@zordrath I feel like the title of your reddit post is overly agressive.

On a different note, I do think that card back looks forced as well, in a game, it was never stated anywhere (visually) that what we were playing from our hand were actual cards because they are hanging in little orbs.
I’m really having mixed feelings about them. If they find a more clever way to display them, then it won’t bother me having that card-turning animation.

About prismatic I strongly disagree with the fact that it hurts unit clarity on the other hand.
It’s very clear what you play and have to face when a prismatic card is summoned. I think, however, that prismatic should be more flashy. There’s absolutely no incentive to get them in Duelyst compared to Hearthstone where the animated splash looks gorgeous.


I much prefer the card backs to actually be the background of the card. I don’t like the random screen blocking animation that adds no value to the game :frowning:


There’s a small button near the search bar in your collection where you can turn off prismatic cards in both your normal collection screen and the crafting screen. The extra slots just get hidden, it’s pretty nice.


Guess like no one likes card back animations, it just feel clunky,forced and slows down the game


I just wonder if it takes away from the time in the rope that we had pre patch 1.68 the card backs do seem kinda out of place but it’s just another way for customization is all


Card fronts backgrounds would be pretty awesome like a temple, forest, frozen lake, desert, valley, tomb, etc. It would fit better and make use of the lore. Sorry for my english.


I like the idea of card “backs” being in the actualy background of the card, although it might hurt text clarity with some of the crazier backs. Still, I think that’s the only solution to keep them looking like they belong in the game. As someone said, Hearthstone’s aesthetic is in the fact it LOOKS like you’re playing a card game. Duelyst in no way looks like a card game while you’re playing it and really had nothing to do with cards till the back was implemented.

Hope counterplay sees this stuff. I like the idea of custom cosmetics, just not the implementation.


I think if we really want something card back like in the game it should affect the tiles we have our units on instead of adding unnecessary animation which no one really cares about


I see the objection by those who didn’t see them before but honestly I think they are a natural part of the flow of gameplay, they are pretty quick, and they don’t bother me personally.

My guess is that people will get used to them over time.


I don’t mind the idea of card backs in the abstract, but yeah – the game flow was highly optimized for speedy play before (at least with all graphics options mnimized), and to have this completely extra unnecessary 1-second delay so that we can grit our teeth at the 3469th time we’ve seen the same few designs over and over again just feels so…not duelysty. I think that’s my real problem – up until now, damn near everything that the devs have done has been a QoL improvement, and this is literally exactly the opposite of that…for what?


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What puzzles me is that, why adding a new cosmetic component that doesnt really have anything to do with the game before it, instead of working around the actual (and powerful in my opinion) cosmetic aspects like backgrounds, card animations, generals look. Or even working around card fronts.
This only takes unnecesary time to show something we dont really need i guess.

Dont get me wrong, i really appreciate the hard work because they added this huge patch while working on monthly cards AND a new expantion … but i dont really see them working :sweat: