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Is golem lyonar even a thing?


Is golem lyonar a thing? I see this as being a deck full of fat golems, paired with traditional lyonar removal, and vanquisher/steadfast for Amaranthine vow late game.

Of course, it hinges on the question: Does Amaranthine vow ressurect minions that had provoke when they died, or does it only ressurect the ones that had provoke ‘in hand’.

My feeling is that it should be the former, because without that amaranthine is a dead card at 9 mana, no one is going to use it.



you only res 5 with your current list. also, Peacekeeper sucks


the only time the lyonar golem synergies are even used is in swarm decks, but I’m not sure how good they are after the zyx nerf




my golem argeon used to run ghoulie and prism barrier and buff. But the wincon is saberspine+bbs or holy immo. Peacekeeper is indeed sucks


Divine Liturgy would help this deck more than vow…

EMP also should be included, even with the bufft that the golems give themselves. The card has just so many situations when it is still more harmful to your opponent than to you.


I’m not overly fond of Lyonar but I have an Aggro Lyonar Golem deck that has it’s moments. I haven’t revised it for the new set so maybe it’s worth another look :confused:


You’d be better off with something like this. Unfortunately, most golems aren’t very good, and amaranthine vow is probably disenchant fodder. This right here gives you powerful removal, good draw, solid healing, and lots of dudes to mob them down with. Argeon’s roar can turn anything they don’t get rid of into removal or big face damage, so you don’t need to worry as much about a specific card that’s a wincon. Just remove stuff and put down minions. This list should probably have three Arclyte regalia shoved in there somewhere, I just didn’t think about it when I was putting it together. You could probably drop sun bloom for them, or maybe an azure herald, a sun bloom and an Aperion’s claim.

Please note, the Vetruvian golem deck is just flat-out better. Sad, but true.


idk man, of course vetruvian golem decks will be better at being golem vetruvian golem decks than lyonar golem decks.
gotta play to golem lyonar needs to play its strengths: aka super fast, hard hitting, concede inducing, tempo plays.


In my opinion, Vetruvian golem is just better than Lyonar golem can be. Maybe not in every way or by every metric, but still, better. You have sirocco and cataclysmic fault for wincons, blood of air, sandswirl reader and maybe falcius for removal, dreamshapers for some really excellent draw (two mana for a 2/2 and two cards, hoo boy), paxes as a general good card (rest in pieces, thunderhorn), and whatever other Vetruvian and neutral goodstuff you want to stick in there. If Sajj heads the deck, then wildfire ankh gives you another threat and removal in one, and wind strikers and falciuses get better, or you could go Zirix and sneak a little dervish support or something in there, maybe some fireblaze obelysks to make cataclysmic fault scarier.

Lyonar golems aren’t bad, but I just don’t think they stand up. Warblades are really good if you’ve got a decent board and at least one golem, but if your board is poor they just aren’t that great, while dreamshapers only need to have the one golem out to generate high value. Sol pontiffs are good if you have even one other golem out, but fairly lame if not, while wind strikers don’t need any board to get full effect, but aren’t the greatest card, and wouldn’t be run except that golem metallurgist/dreamshaper/sirocco make them better. Finally, peacekeepers are too expensive to have no immediate effect, and so are just bad, while siroccos, after just a few golems, produce a not-easily solved problem for less mana, unless your opponent has mass removal. Dreamshapers and siroccos are what make Vetruvian golems worth running, and can give you value after you lose your board, while warblades and sol pontiffs are going to struggle to help you come back from an empty board.


I hoped to make Amaranthine vow work, I thought that golem lyonar was subpar but i hoped that lots of fat minions would make you survive till 9 mana to pop that sweet ressurect of minions with provoke.

2bad that Vow doesn’t work that way :frowning:


Aramanthine could fit together with divine liturgy and Monument… but you are so asking yourself to brick


The one I mentioned before is set up like that… aggro… It’s very hit or miss. When I get a good hand it is really hard-hitting but when it get’s a bad draw it’s effing terrible.


hmmmm tempo and aggro are similar but not quite. but maybe i’m getting ahead of myself. can you post your decklist so we’re on the same page?


Keep in mind this was built and forgotten, so the card pool doesn’t feed off some of my better Lyonar stock, I dig it out early season when I need Lyonar quests. I would probably swap the Elixir for Immolation and Peacekeeper is kinda terrible… Also, my use of Aggro is from other games… I have no idea what this community sees that way but I’ve always used it to describe a deck that is meant to play face basically the whole game.


I think you and the community have the same concept of what aggro is.
As for tempo decks, i meant going face WHILE maintaining board superiority. tempo decks give up having wincon cards by consistently whittling down their opponents, and having the superior board. tho they often give up having a “winning card” like strategos or hatefurnace.

an example of this would be lyonar running: both dauntless advance and breacher, which allows you to kill off enemies while putting things on board with either breacher’s solid body or the generous surplus mana dauntless advance gives.

a more simple example would be straight up summoning dancing blades: kill 1 minion, summon 1 solid minion.


i made a simple tempo one right here. it’s not polished yet, but it won 2 out of 2 games so far.

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