Is Falcius really going to stay this way?


Anyone find that Falcius value is too good?

1.) Instant reward of +2 to General ANNNNNNNNND no damage. Effectively takes out most threats that has 4hp. (If it was the alternate general… removes 8hp minion with 4 mana total. Requirement is simply having Falcius)

2.) 3-3 Body on top of its “instant contribution”… During early phase of the game, opposing general cannot one-shot it without any other things in play.

Comparing to other faction’s 3-mana cards… it may not stay (as much) relevant throughout the later phase of the game… and tends to be slower, so the opposition could plan ahead.

Would appreciate if everyone pool in their experience with this minion.
I will not recommend any balancing changes, I just want to hear about other people’s experience with this minion first.

Nerf threads here could really use a nerf

For point number 2… it is about too strong a board contribution for turn 1. Clears your minion with no penalty and having a 3-3 remainder.


Vet needed it though. It needs powerful cards that aren’t Aymara.


As i said before i feel like it shoul just change to "your general takes no damage from counterattacks "


That or… “adds 2 damage to general for this turn only”



Vetruvian faction have too much OP cards.

Falcius, Aymara Healer, Dominate Will.

Suggested changes;

Falcius - to remove the take no damage this turn.

Aymara Healer - to decrease damage enemy general to 4 and heal own general 4

Dominate Will - Own general takes 3 damage or nerf to 8 mana cost


Again, a nerf to Falcius is a nerf to Vet and it would suck if they were a garbage tier faction again.


the current vet is too OP. nerf it to balance it!


The aymara healer is even more OP than Holy Immolation.

Holy immolation requires a minion body to execute.

Ayamara only costs 6 mana with the dying wish effect.

I do not get how the faction to become garbage with cards like Pax, Falcius, Ayamara, Dominate Will. and over all , vet buffs are really good.


currently how Vet are supposed to work is that their hero needs to get up close and personal with enemies, siphon, decay, falcius. all needs the hero to be really close.

this could be used in the opponents advantage, since it’s very clear that Vet aren’t good against ranged deck. also sure they can remove enemies and take no damage but then again, it leaves Vet no choice to back away, they will always run on to you. playing with that in mind can help.


A faction being carried by a small number of OP cards is bad since it makes those cards auto includes which effectively reduces the number of deck slot available which in turn reduces creativity and deck variety. OP cards need to be nerfed and the bad cards being buffed to make that faction as a whole viable.


Vetruvian have advantages in both close and ranged.
vetruvian faction have blast.


blast are not the same as range, they force the minion into a certain position, much the same as the general, the mechanic in Vet forces it to a certain position.


I agree that most of his synergy has to be up close and personal.

However, just speaking about Falcius though. He could run up to most general and using either General and attains superior board control. Both Vets are good at board control and I like that theme.

I do not want any nerf to Vets. Just wanna know more about how Falcius experiences by everyone… It just seems ridiculous for 3 mana… what it does. It’s like a close-ranged phoenix fire with a body? I don’t know…

And doesn’t seem like anyone can do much to handle Falcius. No point dispelling etc. after as well.

Of course a nerf to Falcius is a nerf to Vet. But if everyone is feeling hard done by a single minion like Falcius… no balancing work to Falcius is a nerf to Duelyst community.


Maybe I should change the title to…“Is there any justification for the value Falcius is providing.”

I guess someone has already mentioned, “Vet requires another high value card besides Aymara”


i won’t defend something that are not supposed to be defended, Falcius is definitely very strong in fact one of the best minion in the game, if it were to be available in other faction they might use it in a heartbeat.

if we are talking solely about Falcius, then yes he is extremely powerful and worth way more than it’s price.
then again the one single OPest card in my opinion Aymara healer is also insane and is also Vetruvian.
vetruvian has some of the best card in the game, and? and every faction also has some of the best card in the game so it is pretty balanced as a whole in my opinion.

i won’t mind reducing something from falcius, the “takes no damage” is just way too much.


If I were to change it, I’d make it a 3/2, or make it so it doesn’t increase your attack, simply makes you immune for the turn.


Well I haven’t had too many experiences with it, but if it does need a nerf, it just needs a nerf in the stats of the minion itself, not what it does. Every faction is simply a mixed bag of playstyles, but every faction has a way to utilize the general as more than just a spawn point.
Then again, I main Abyssian and I’ve never been able to pull off a Vet deck since I started last year.


Im sorry, the takes no damage or rewording it to “ignore the first instance of damage” would be fine. Vetruvian is a control-based faction (initially) and still kinda is by winning with the board. Without falcius giving “indirect heals” to pan out their health total, they die extremely quickly.

Like me using Sajj, it’s so hurtful to have a bbs that aims to control the board but takes full damage for clearing anything. Maybe nerf the body to a 2-4, 3-2 would be fine.


True, but from how CP has been "balancing vetruvian, they seem to just nerf cards that are fine (siphon) or nerfing something into unplayable status (every nerf before shimzar). But I hope vetruvians do have in faction synergy (as well as every other faction) than just having a few key cards holding it together.