Is duelyst heading for the grave?


This game is dead as fuck, what a waste of…whatever this was, for me money and fucking time.


The amount of pessimism in this forum is quite strong. This got to be the new regular weekly thing since I could have sworn that I have seen a similar thread last week…


I agree. Even if the meta is not in a good state, Duelyst is still one of the best games out there. And I bet the people who complain about the slow development speed are the also ones who have never given the game any monetary support.


I’m going to keep saying this every time this thread comes up: Duelyst is in a crowded genre. Hearthstone, artifact, magic. Bamco picked Duelyst up last July, I suspect they had some target to hit within a year that they didn’t hit. And you can be mad at bad metas (I hate Mythron wanderer), but I think getting crowded out is overwhelmingly more important in figuring out what happened. And lack of mobile. But mobile is even more crowded with CCGs, so who knows if it would help.

So I have a hard time getting mad at the devs. They launched a game and it’s lasted over 2 years. That’s kind of crazy. The vast majority of CCGs I can think of are based on existing IP and most of those still fail. Really quickly. I think they really loved this game and were/are disappointed that they might have to stop working on it. And the lack of info is disappointing, but understandable. Staying in business can unfortunately mean doing stuff like that. If they’ve already decided the game is dead, admitting that would kill the game straight up. I think they want to keep the servers on as long as possible, both out of love for the thing they made and for any money it can still make. And the tiny tiny chance that the Blizzard offices get destroyed by an earthquake and all the Hearthstone players jump in here. But whatever the devs’ feelings about the situation, I’m not going to take it personally. I’ve enjoyed my two years with the game and don’t regret the money I’ve spent. They don’t owe me any more than that.


Personally i want to see if devs keep their promise and give us something new in q4. If this wont happen then yes duelyst will be officially dead


A set of monthly cards. One time offer.


I’m not sure about others, but I would be perfectly happy even with just one new card for every faction as long as it’s followed up with a balance patch.


Yes. Bandai acquired the IP and have done nothing to fuel this game. No advertising, no consistent support of game events or community. It’s their decision to let this game fade because CPG is too busy with their new game to invest time and resources into game which they can’t profit from anymore. We’ve had our fun, time to let it go. The next update will be one owf the last or the last itself.


Categorically false btw, Bandai acquired the rights to publish the game, nothing more, the IP itself is still with CPG and always has been. The lengths some of you go to make it seem as if somehow Bandai is this evil mega corp that are responsible for the title’s failings is downright astonishing at times.


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