Is duelyst heading for the grave?


I’ve been playing this game ever since you would draw two cards per turn and cats with blast/rush would destroy your games. I’ve sunk a good chunk of money into it over the years.
I always defended it as a more skill-focused Hearthstone. I used to love this game. Not anymore.

The fact that we’re playing on a patch that’s been designed around many cards not being in the rotation for months now should insult anyone able to rub two brain cells together. More so than power corresponding to card rarity. More so than the ever increasing inclusion of RNG effects with every expansion.

Rather than keeping the game (or meta) fresh with regular balance patches we get nothing but re-runs of PvE boss battles. While people have been rating the PvE challenges favourably ever since the beta, no new (permanent) content is to be seen ever since.

Many good suggestions for game modes (most notably “unranked”, which lasted for a grand total of a handful of weeks before the new format threatened to legitimately kill the game) came and went. None were implemented.

Face-is-the-place or out-heal-the-pace decks are as dominant as they were years ago. Strategic board-focused gameplay, huh? These days we just don’t buff that tiger, but rather just type “deal” or “heal” into the search bar while deck building.

At this point you have to wonder if CPG, or their cash-hungry overlords at Namco have lost interest in the game or their vision just diverges from what this game used to go for.

From my perspective this game has one more shot of redeeming the wrong turns it took over the years with the next expansion, otherwise it will forever disappear into the niche it forced itself into. We’re legitimately not very far from dropping the playerbase numbers low enough for it to happen. And every “cheap” victory is taking it closer to the edge.

I understand this thread will attract many negative responses. I won’t be back to read them, so go haywire. Just take this away: The next time you end a match, ask yourself: did I or my opponent have fun? If the answer to both is “probably not” or “I would play a deck that I enjoy if it didn’t suck”, your opinion and mine aren’t far from one another.

This is intended as feedback in the off chance Namco is still paying anyone to regularly check the forums. Maybe my voice is not the most educated, or most in-the-know one out there. But I used to be a fan of this game, and I would like to be one again in the future.


I’m not sure that’s how it works. :wink:

CPG lost interest. Cash-hungry overlords never had interest (they just wanted to do zero advertising for any amount of money).


Negative towards you? I doubt it. Negative towards the devs/Bandai? Oh yes.

Oh yes you will.

There is that one guy. Let’s call him over. Hey @WorksAtBandai, when is someone besides the fans going to start caring about this game again?


I’m tired of “this game is dying” posts.

Here’s your negative responce.

That said, there are lots of disturbing tendencies. I agree and feel you.

@anjosustrakr, don’t bother @WorksAtBandai. He’s not a company representative here, but a fan like most of us.


But… he works at Bandai. And you bothered him too. :wink:


It doesn’t matter after you bothered him :slight_smile:


As the saying goes: “Two messages are worse than one”


As the saying goes: “U r always wrong”



in the off-chance you read this, do send your feedback at duelyst support. seems easier to get in touch with people in charge of the game there nowadays.


Jesus christ.


I like how these threads poping up every now and then these days, it seems the audience woke up and actually figured out the problem.
I believe the upcoming exp. Will be a big breakthrough thanks to the comments from the core playerbase.

I think we all need to think in a collective kind of way instead of a competitive kind of way simply because duelyst is not a competitive game.
playing deck that make people want to quit and get to s feeling like a champ actually hurting the game, because we don’t have player base to spare.

A year and a half ago we had more then 1000 people in s - today we got 200~.

Please stop treat this game like hearthstone or any other game that got a backpack full of money and start realizing the fact - this is a niche game that use to be great, it needs to get fixed if we eant to keep enjoy it, part of it is on us.

Start thinking business.


I won’t bother responding to everything as most of it is clear as day, however i think i should point out that this part is false.

Duelyst doesn’t have any chances left of redeeming itself. It killed it’s shot at greatness early 2017 when we had the joy of Arcanyst/Meltdown meta. The game lost far too many players back then. 4 Months of this bullshit basically digged the grave for this game, now we had 6 months of even worse bullshit without any end in sight so the grave is sealed by now, Duelyst will never come back from that. It will slowly rott away in it’s little niche until the revenue isn’t even enough anymore to keep the servers up. That rotting might take another 4-5 years but anyone who thinks that some marketing and advertising could revitalise this game at this point is just daydreaming. Even assuming Bandai was stupid enough to put money into that for a dead game.


You’re right.

However i do feel like if a balance patch will come and a good expansion (good meaning balance in every way and opening up weaknesses in faction as well as balancing and supporting unplayed archetypes) to make the audience more intrested.

A balance patch should butcher (and i can’t stress this enough) all the toxic aspects of the meta.

Plus - it is on the players to not abuse cards that are not enjoyable, and if they do cpg should fuck up these cards.
It is time to think in a way of repairing a business, you either make the hard steps towards fixing or you lose everything.

I feel like duelyst is a gem (we all know it ) and it is in both sides interest to make it good sgain.


I mean in terms of thinking business I run a competitive side of things through Meltdown Town/Meltdown League and then on the less competitive side of things I’m running a Patreon where I draw silly little MS Paint images and test/do deck techs to tune what my patrons want to see. :eyes: Real problem with the feeling is that there really isn’t sustainable money in either right now. (Also went so far as to try and get the community manager position but haven’t heard anything back on that so no high hopes there. :cry: )


Yes but you’re not alone:)
Plus you’re not the owner or the major audience.

They (cpg and bamco, not you) need to put on the hat and start taking active stance toward this game.

I said before and i’ll say it again - playerbase and stability of the game before going competetive and if one of these components does not exist - then back to basic, meaning brakes on the competitive - fix the stability or playerbase.

Now - maybe in a game this is diffrent but i try to level it to a normal business and give it the same treatment.

after i had my share of games today trying to run a few nice new decks.
i came to the conclusion that a game that let new players high roll and abuse a stupid card deserve its end.

i think i’m done with this game until this shit will get fixed and as for now if not then well they fully deserve it.


Tbh, i just want dev or community manager or anyone from CPG/bamco to keep active on forum(news), social media, etc at least every month or even every week like they usually did.

The way CPG suddenly go silent just make me lost my hope and stopped playing.
Idk if they’re busy on something or actually giving up, but still silent is not the answer imo because it usually indicating a bad thing.
For example, if they really are working on something at least they can tease us with something (trailer maybe, or screenshot, or even a post on forum/social media) to rise a hype.



Is this the recent type of suddenly or more the close original forums 3 years ago because we don’t like feedback suddenly?

Snark aside this is a particular side of them that is neither new or unusual at this point. As for updates on their new project, I’m sincerely perplexed why they’d think a crowd they’ve badly managed for years would care about their next projects when those aren’t even in the same genre. Personally I don’t care about their next “AAA” dark souls lite and I’m insure given their recent exploits why we would either.


Would it be safe to assume that Duelyst content development is slowing down because of Project Aperion? CPG seems to imply that things are not that way, but I think we can all put two and two together to an extent.


Well that and firing/parting ways with about 6 of your content devs within the space of 2 months.


I just started playing a couple weeks ago and so far I really like the game. Yeah I know I have not been around long like most folks but I have fun playing. Hopefully the devs keep making quality improvements.