Is Chakri Avatar too strong?


I just played a game against a Songhai arcanyst deck and lost turn 4 and I feel the only possible way to survive past turn 4 would to have drawn a lightbender, and even then it would have only bought me maybe one or two more turns tops.

The game went like this, turn one, they play a Chakri Avatar after moving closer to the lower mana font and pass, I play Sarlac the Eternal. Turn two they play an Owl Beast Sage after taking the lower font hit Sarlac with the Avatar before playing Inner Focus on it, giving the Avatar +1/+3 because of the Sage, and then they move it back out of harms way, I take the middle font and play a Reaper of the Nine Moons, hit his Sage with Sarlac and pass. Turn 3 they play a second Chakri Avatar, Bloodrage Mask, and then MistDragon Seal on the old Avatar to take the top font, and then uses Blink to move it next to my general and attack with that for 5 the Sage for 4 and his General for another 2 and then pass, on my turn I attack his weaker Chakri Avatar with my Reaper, the Reaper pops out a Four Winds Magi, I then play Void Pulse, attack the weaker yet still alive Avatar with my Sarlac, Abysal Scar my own Sarlac because nothing else has one health and then play Consuming Rebirth on Sarlac putting us both to 18 thanks to the Magi, and on turn 4 they play Juxtaposition and Phoenix fire my face before killing me with their super buff minions, a 7/17 Avatar, a 5/6 Avatar, a 4/11 Sage and his general at 2/18 (before counter attack Damage)

I haven’t played nearly as much of this game as I would have liked to (part of me asking if it’s too strong instead of just trying to proposing a nerf) so I would very much like to hear peoples opinions on this since I don’t have as much experience in the game as many others, did my opponent just get the unbeatable god hand? Did I play poorly, or just not get the right cards to live? or is Chakri Avatar just a bit too strong? Mind you the only duplicates my opponent needed play was a second Chakri Avatar.


Holy fuck, why are there no more people like you?

What you just experienced a strong card performing the best it possibly can. When Chakkri ends up working really well with Owlbeast and you see those huge bodies it really seems broken as fuck. However, the Arcanyst Songhai isn’t even the best Songhai deck because such combo isn’t very reliable and usually you need either setup or really good hand to get it going.

Chakkri is usually run in the decks that don’t run Owlbeast and it’s still quite strong there because Songhai runs lots of quality spells that they can abuse to buff it. And even though it’s extremely strong on paper, there are ways to go around it.

  1. Dispel especially just shits on it and pretty much every deck other than Songhai themselves run it.
  2. It is also really week early on when played on T1 in the back without buffing it. Then you easily use cards like Demonic Lure, Hearth-Sister, Rasha’s Curse or whatever faction specific utility cards you’re running to deal with it.
  3. There’s also just your good old removal cards like Egg Morph and Decay which you can use to deal with it in desperate scenarios, those usually being when they already get big.
  4. Obviously you can trade into it when you have the board even though it doesn’t feel nice to sac a biug body or multiple small ones just to kill a 2 drop, but it needs to be done if there’s no other answers.

Card is strong, really strong even. But it’s nothing that can’t be played around. If you’re new to the game, you’re going to be experiencing a lot of cards that just seem like bullshit (seen Mechaz0r yet?), but there is always a way to deal with them.


Haha, thanks for the compliment, and I’m just trying to be as self aware as possible, I haven’t made it to top ranks yet, highest I got was Gold like, 3 months ago, so I don’t really have a great idea of what the strongest decks/cards are, all I know is I love my Nether Summoning deck ^^ and thanks for the reply! I’ll try putting more Dispel (and removal where possible) in my decks then, and out of curiosity, (and if you feel so inclined) could you tell me how much Dispel/removal you would recommend putting in a deck generally? (I run most sources of hard removal in the Abyssian deck I play the most, I just didn’t draw any of it orz)


I’ll need to take a look at the deck to answer that properly. The amount of removal a deck wants to run is really case by case basis. Link it here. Build it with this or this. Might as well take a look at the deck since you’re mentioning it, Nether Summoning is definitely a niche card.


Alrighty, here’s the deck, I built it mostly for silly combos and ended up having a ton of fun with it, and even though I’m sure there’s plenty of room for improvement, it’s actually the deck that helped me get to gold one season ^^


I just have to add to what raq said that once Chakri gets dispelled or otherwise removed during such a play you described, the Songhai player will be in a huge card disadvantage. That itself will most likely cost him the match.

One of the first thing I learned when playing Songhai is to resist dumping my whole hand on one avatar. Doing so got me to lose the match 9 times out of 10. It doesn’t help that the 10th one results in a spectacular win.

These days I almost exclusively use the card for CC-bait. He’s awesome at that. :slight_smile:


Check 12. and 16. on this list for some good examples of the optimized decks similar to what you’re trying to build. You will also notice that they both run fairly similar amount of removal, that usually being: 3x lure, 3x shroud and 2x sac pact or dark trans depending on is the swarm based or not. Faster decks are usually just fine with 3x lure and 3x shroud but that doesn’t seem to be what you’re running.


Ok, thanks, yea I thought of playing a longer game with the deck when I first put it together, that being said there are definitely some changes I can make based on your recommendations once I get the cards ^^ Thank you for the advice/assistance!


Ah alright, thanks for the advice ^^


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