Is anyone teching Decimus?


You can theoretically punish Magmar draw decks by just running your own Decimuses. Is anyone doing this? Does it work out?


I see abyssians more frequently than draw magmar, si my tech spots are taken confused:


I mean, I guess you can say that other Magmar decks tech it in to face other Magmar decks :wink:.

But seriously, you do bring up a good point. I’ll consider running it in the decks that I can afford to, although I’ve never been good at putting in tech cards.


Tech card is supposed to be a hard counter to whatever card/deck/archetype you wish to counter. Decimus isn’t really that. It only works well when you play it in anticipation of spikes and even then all it really does it deals damage to the enemy general. It doesn’t necessarily prevent them from dealing damage to you.


I do as I said here !

Decimus+Nightwatcher, it’s added value versus almost every other deck and it doesn’t impair mine too much (Spellhai), just making a little bit “slower”.


A meta countering itself? By Jove! The perfect balance has been achieved.


I dunno, between all the Faction draw spells and Spelljammers around I imagine you get quite a few turns where you can get value even outside of Magmar matchups. All the Vet and Songhai cantrips add up too. Taking other things out might still be too big of a price to pay, but if drawmar’s running absolutely rampant it would make as much sense as teching Hollow Grovekeepers vs rampant Provoke decks, right?


Hollow stops high value provoke minions in their tracks. By playing it you remove a high thread body and develop a decently sized body yourself. It’s a pretty straight forward tech card.

Decimus however just makes some of the maggro’s cards harder to use. You also have to play it defensively if you really want to make use of it and against maggro you can’t really afford to play a 4 drop in the back unless it’s something like Kelaino. And against other decks it doesn’t provide nearly enough value to be worth a deck slot.

You’re free to give it a shot and test it out for yourself, but I just don’t see it working out.


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