Is a translation planned?


Everything is in the title.

And i’ll be glad to help translate the game in French with other French players :smile:

French translation

The game will be translated to other languages including German, Italian, Spanish and French if I recall correctly. The wait shouldn’t be long :slight_smile:


Just throwing it out that I’d love to translate the game to Dutch. I am a barely-known-yet-actual-writer in my country, if I were to self-promote.


What to translate in this game? Minions are not voiced, the generals too, special designations such as ranged or сelerity does not need to be translated and all of them have become accustomed. The only thing that might be translated - lore and codex - and this is already dealt by ordinary fans. English is my second language, but if the game will translate into my native language, I will likely continue to play in the English version. In this world, too many good games without localization, I adapted to it, although I did not like English at school. I can say that computer games teach much better than any language courses.


Minion names. Abilities. All the gameplay in fact.

I will keep playing in English the translation is not for me.
It’s for all the people who want to try the game but don’t understand English very well.


There are future plans for this.

Don’t forget about the UI and the card effects, these also need to be localized. I have friends who turned the game down because they don’t understand English very well so it’s difficult for them to play without understanding the effects of each card, it’s a shame because they liked it at first…


It’s a shame only for them. I pity them for their lack of foresight. I actually do not really like the English language, but in the world of computer software in English, computer games in English, interesting articles in English, English memes, duelyst forums in English, I am forced know English enough. Does it bother me? Perhaps. Do I want to intergalactic standard language? Yes, please. By the way, живите долго и процветайте.


E-Excuse me? Lack of foresight? Really? With that statement you’re telling me that they didn’t/don’t want to learn English, I don’t remember saying anything like that. Not everyone has an opportunity to learn a foreign language at an early age.

If a company wants their game to be successful, they have to keep those people in mind. It’s their job to make the game accessible to everyone, not the other way around. For now Duelyst is limited only to those who know English, and it’s been pretty successful. What will happen when the game is finally localized?


Completely agree here.
Also, I’ve looked at the fan translations of the Codex and they are awful. No offence, but as a professional translator, I see that not a lot of people understand how difficult it is to produce a really good translation which does not only relate the meaning, but also keeps the spirit of the original. And it is incredibly important in case of the Duelyst lore.


i have a friend that only knows spanish, i learned english trough youtube and games, and i have at least the basics, but he is 24/7 asking me about what certain cards do, and that is a downer for anybody that only speaks any lenguaje that is not english


I understand perfectly English and I can write and speak good enough to be understood by willing people. Nevertheless, I LOVE my native language and I think this beautiful game can be even more beautiful if translated. I love playing gorgeous games. I love when developers not only solve bugs but they also think that improving a game goes through making it PLEASANT for people playing (and paying).

To players who dislike the idea of translating this game: why not?

To the developers: if you need help with translation to Italian, just ask and I’ll be there. For sure, for free.


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