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Hey all. My name’s Humminbird, Hummingbirdsmasher in game. I’ve been playing since February, though from June to the end of September I lived in the woods and didn’t have internet access so I didn’t play or see the expansion or anything. I’m back now, and ready to get back to Diamond, where I was in May.

Right now I enjoy playing Vet and Songhai. But I also have a hilarious deck based around Syvrel the Exile and Coldbiter that, if I played only that deck, I think would actually bottom out at rank 7 or so. I’ll probably post it when I’m sure it’s matched up to the current meta.

Anyhow, hope to see you all in game. I’m glad there is a duelyst forums again!


Hiya hummingbird, welcome to the (new?) forums!

You should definitely get around to posting that list sooner rather than later, it sounds cool.

Also, there was a forum before this one? I did not know this.


Ello :slight_smile: Welcome to the forums!



Oh yea there was a forum before this. It caused a huge uproar when the devs decided to close it because of reddit being popular. You have opened up a can of worms, probably still lots of grumpy people like my self. They did finally reopen them…but everything was wiped, all content, badges, w/e gone.


Hummingbird you say?



Hey, welcome!
This list sounds really interesting!

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