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Introducing the Duelyst World Cup!

Sign-ups are now open for the Duelyst World Cup! This will be a five week long competition starting on August 12th, composed of a three week long group stage followed by two weeks of single elimination finals. Anyone can sign up to represent their country and play in a team of 3-6 players from the same region. Each team will play one first-to-five-wins match each week.

For more information on the format and how to sign up, join the Meltdown E-Sports discord server: https://discord.gg/G7qRfCY. Once you join the server, scroll down the channel bar on the left until you find the Duelyst World Cup channels. The full rules are linked in the rules channel and the sign-up sheet is linked in the sign-ups channel.

No previous tournament experience is necessary. This tournament is designed to offer a fun introduction to the tournament scene for newer players, as you will be automatically put on a team with experienced players. The only requirement is a will to prove that your country has the strongest Duelyst players in the world!


Join join join :smiley:

I am gone for the whole summer though but love the idea!

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I doubt there are even enough players in Ireland to play so could I enter myself and 2 other alts? :smile:


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