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Introducing Team Duelysts: JuveyD & Wintermu7eby Counterplay Games / October 9, 2016

We’re very excited to announce Richard Heyne (aka. JuveyD) and Ethan Roth (aka. Wintermu7e) will be joining our team!

Both Richard and Ethan have been indelible pillars in the Duelyst community. Besides being S-Rank staples, they’ve helped and run many Duelyst events and streams.

Richard Heyne will focus on Community Programming, Broadcast, Tournament Logistics, and Operations. Behind the scenes, he’ll be developing new programs for you to participate and enjoy.

Ethan Roth will be joining our Balance Testing and Data Analysis initiatives. He’ll further bolster our systems/game design as we release new card expansions.

They’re both incredibly awesome people, so be sure to say hi to them on Discord!

Ethan’s Favorite Games: Diablo II, Dark Souls, Asheron’s Call, Warcraft 3

Richard’s Favorite Games: Guild Wars, Final Fantasy 8, Lisa: the Painful RPG

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