Introducing myself


HI guys, I’m RoLLa, I’m from Italy (so forgive me for my probably bad English) and I’ve been playing Duelyst for about 2 weeks now. I’m a decent Hearthstone player, and got in touch with Duelyst thanks to a video on Brian Kibler’s YouTube channel (those who play Hearthstone might know him).
I decided to start playing Duelyst after a bad day on a Hearthstone tournament, where I was eliminated mostly for bad RNG (not a rant, it happens), so I wanted to try a game less RNG-based.
I’m enjoying my Duelyst experience so far. I’m going free to play at the moment, but I am happy to invest money in the game if I decide to continue playing.
I mostly play control and tempo based deck, here I tried Zirix and Kara (neither of which fit my playstyle), and Cassyva (but I don’t have enough cards to make her work). I’m planning to try Reva in the near future.
By the way, I heard about the Humble Bundle 20 packs promotion, but I joined the game too late, and I was wondering if someone had a spare code to send me.
Feel free to add me in game (IGN RoLLaFlow).
I hope to stay here for a long time and to enjoy the game to its fullest.


Hey man Owlington here nice to meet yah :stuck_out_tongue:

If you like control then Magmar is for you, Scioness Sajj (Vetruvian second general) is also good for control… However im also a Hearthstone Player, stopped because of Shaman and RnG i dont think a competitive game should have it. If your a new player you should really try out Kara, she can make any deck better. However this game has very few RnG cards and they are all very high risk (not including Reaper of the nine drop lmao) Hope you enjoy your time here man or gal. Add at owlington if you want. Hope u enjoy ur stay


Welcome, don’t worry, im spanish and my english is terrible too.
i might have a code in my mail since i didn’t have a second account to use it, let me check it out later today.
Add IGN:loni852


Thank you for the code dude :blush:


I’m a man actually :slight_smile:
My experience in HS was not bad because of shaman (I played mid sham myself quite a lot); I was pissed off by 3 bad Brawls in 3 different games actually lol
Here I’m noticing a higher skill floor (positioning can be hard sometimes) and the fact that the general counterattacks discourages face decks (which are like the plague of HS).
I don’t quite like Magmar aesthetically but I might enjoy it, I might experiment with Sajj, but I was thinking Songhai because of Miracle Rogue, one of my favourite HS decks.


Welcome !
Do not worry, your English is quite good.
Hope you’ll stick around and see you later :slight_smile:


Welcome to Duelyst! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask~

On a side note, have you checked out Duelyst’s humble bundle offer for free 20 orbs and cosmetic items?


Thank you guys for your support, I just got a code for the bundle from loni852.
One question I need to ask: I found a lot of budget guides but not so much “top decks” resources. How do I find out how to properly improve a budget deck to a more refined one, with little to no deckbuilding skills?


Here is my thread for new players:

I include both budget and upgraded versions. I frequently update the post with my latest work. If there is something missing on there you want let me know and I will either add it or direct you to someone else’s work.


Thank you dude, I actually missed this one. I’ll give it a look, thank you so much


Welcome to Duelyst! :slight_smile:


Strano vedere un connazionale qua, ti ho gia mandato una richiesta d’ amicizia.
Bha se hai dubbi o altro, non esitare a chiedere, anche se sul forum c’ e sempre gente disponibile e amichevole!


You can also ask on discord, always people there to help you out. Good experienced players


Your English looks good. Wouldn’t know its not your first language if you didn’t say so :slight_smile:

Welcome to Duelyst and the forums.


Thank you all for all the support you’re giving me. I’m liking the community a lot so far :slight_smile:


Welcome to Duelyst!~ Be sure to frequent our discord for memes and discussions about what cards CPG should nerf next ^~^