Introducing Monthly Card Design Contest


Hey folks, I am very glad to introduce the monthly card design contest. You can submit your card designs and at the end of the month, there will be a poll to vote for your favorite.

Here are the rules:

  • Everyone is allowed to submit ONE card design per month.
  • They have to follow the basic template:
    Faction, Type
    Cost / (Stats)
    Card text.
    Shadowmaster Serai
    Songhai Minion
    5 Mana (3/5)
    Backstab: (1) All of your Backstabs deal 2 more damage.
  • Clearly over- or underpowered cards or memes are not allowed.
  • Cards have to follow the monthly design prompts (e.g.: Create a Battle Pet)

On the 20th of the month, we’ll create a survey where you can vote for your favorite card design. If there are more than 10 cards submitted, a jury will choose the top 10.

We also have prizes for the best three cards:

First: 2 Orbs + Exclusive forum badge “Designer” + pixel art + Place in the jury next month

Second: 2 Orbs + Place in the jury next month

Third: 1 Orb

Thanks to Counterplay for providing the orbs and the forum badge.
Thanks to @DieMango for providing an awesome pixel art for the winning card.

Do you guys have any suggestions, questions or opinions? Write it down below!
Please don’t submit card designs here, there will be a several thread!


Awwww yeah, I’ll definitely be participating in at least a few of these, thanks for organising these!


We should probably have themes?


Can i enter? (woud be weird when i have to make pixelart for myself O.0)


So we can submit at any time this month before the 20th? COOL, Imma submit the idea that Eudo liked in the card idea thread. Pretty proud of the one. ^.^


Of course you can, maybe we will find something else for you if you win.

You could have good chances with these cards. You all should know that @eudaimonia and me are organising this contest.

We will have themes you have to follow each month. Sometimes they are general like “Design a Minion” but sometimes they could be specific like “Design a card that synergises with Wall-Vanar.”

We are also searching for another jury member this month. If anyone wants to, just write a PM. You should have been active in the Card Design Hub.


Would we submit to this thread or will there be a separate one?


looks at fan card design submission thread
what to choose…


I feel ya xD
TOO many options


Please don’t submit card designs here, there will be a several thread. I know there are a lot of threads now, so just to clarify:

This thread is just an introduction of this contest to see your opinions and interest.
Card Design Hub: Submission is for submitting all card ideas you have in your mind, without Voting, without prizing.
Card Design Hub: Discussion is to discuss submissions from Card Design Hub: Submission.
Card Design Contest [month] will be the thread to submit your entry for the contest.


Can we submit to the Submissions post and then use one of our submissions in the Contest?


Of course, but it has to fit into the monthly Design theme.


where do i submit these if i shouldn’t do them here?


there will be a thread sometime this month


If we submit art for our card design, does it have to be pixel art, or can we create other forms of digital art?


This is a card design contest only. This does not include art. You can submit art of every form with your card but the Jury will not include the art in their ranking and the art will not be featured in the survey thread.


What would happen if you are placed in the jury?


You can’t take part in the contest of this month and when the submission ends, you have to give points for your top 10 entries. (10 points = best card) Then you should PM me your list and I will put the lists of all Jury members together.