Introducing... Maelrawn


Hi everybody, my name is James, alias in Duelyst Maelrawn.

I figure since this seems like it’s what people do and I have a few questions, I’ll give up some things about myself first.

  • I’m looking to get to Gold by the end of the week with my largely basic cards, having started last week (progress looking good!)

  • I can’t stop playing Dark Souls, #3 (Trying to beat NG+15 at level 120, at NG+5) for now, but eventually I’ll go back to 1 and at some point finish every boss in 2 at level 1; total hour count will be in the several thousands before I give it up.

  • I’m going to college in the spring, hopefully; I regret not applying while still in high school because the expected 9-month gap is going to kill me.

  • I almost never, ever post on forums.

  • I have a decently sized, and somewhat more poorly organized collection of 1920x1080 wallpapers in .rar format hosted on mega

  • Please talk to me about things if you want! I’m friendly :?)

So, now my questions-

  • How do the tournaments work? Are there different brackets for different skill players, or is it just every man for himself? Are there barriers to entry or penalties for poor performance?

  • Does the dev team listen to community input frequently? About suggestions? About bug reports?

  • Does anyone want to help me get to NG+15?

We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

There a fair few available, some having limitations on rarities of cards allowed (to give newer players a chance).
To find out detail, go to the Discord and take a look in the tournament tab.

Yes, a lot, again, they hang out in Discord a fair bit. They are very involved with the community, its one of the biggest selling points of this game.

I dont play DS3, sorry


Just came here to say I’m also on team Tidehunter.



Miahaha. Good day to you my friend ! Is your username from DoTA 2 ? I love it if it is !
Anyway, welcome in the community. Hope you’ll have a good time and don’t post irrelevant stuff like me :wink:


Hi Maelrawn and welcome to the forums!

PM me this and we can be friends :stuck_out_tongue:


More activity than I expected, neat.

I don’t know how to properly quote posts without taking up the whole screen, so bear with me here.

Thanks for the information phayze, I’m already looking it up.

dewize, it is. I learned to play on Skeleton King and Tidehunter, and 2,000 hours later I think I have more health than I do on fragile heroes :sweat_smile:

I forgot my mega password (again) so I’ll post it when it’s done uploading, ferenzy; it’s 3 gigs compressed.


WOOT WOOT. Dang, you play a lot. I stopped playing because I used to play with a friend that’s now busy with his studies. I Have about 370 hours only, and I’ve been selected for the beta :joy: They should’ve given it to someone else.

EDIT : If you ever want to, we can play together. Just ask me, beware I’m pretty rusty. But I think I could still play supp well enough.


Hi Maelrawn, welcome to the games and forums :smiley: As far as your questions go:

  1. Tournaments will run on their own rules, we have highly competitive tournaments as well as some newer player friendly tournaments, you may want to check out BattleFly Aestari Spark Tournament: Hosted by LeTigress
    It’s a new player focused tournament happening on the 11th.

  2. We check all our social media constantly, suggestions, bug reports, memes whatever you guys post at least one of us has more than likely read.