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Introducing fire furries's big sword

This is kinda early but I can’t wait.
Well I finally have a second very much working Songhai deck that is to my liking.
The reason I like it is - first, the deck contains most of the cards I like from Songhai (the others are contained in the other).
Second - he is not dummy friendly. when playing correctly it racks up wins. when played loosely, positioned poorly, or without a system you might end up with a lose or a few losses and have to avenge them from 3 time tourney winner.

The deck started as scarzig Reva, ventured through seeker squad then control bombard, then this.
This is the core of it all with a few extra ticks.

In first look it does seem like normal reva staff with odd choices around, however I don’t think I ever used do much brain to put up something.
The conclusion is a nice deck that racked up winning streaks until today when I was a little off and got stopped at diamond 2.

Things in the deck and base rules -
Our control tools: painter, poison panda, ki beholder.
Draw: gutatsu, jammer (or bakezori), bandit.
Removal baits: ki beholder and everything we want.
Win condition: zendo and everything.

The strategy varies with the different matches and the opening hand.
You might want to keep jammer, and panddo.
Throughout the game:
Against solo generals - pack your buffs, zendos and ranged.
You basically drop zendo and you win + they salt on you in chat.
Against swarm decks - you are good as long as you got panda + Deathstroke seal + gutatsu (inner focus when you need to save your life) and a board.
Once poison panda erase his board (timing is VERY important and crash his soul, you go in with the buffs, zendo, ranged and finish the job.

Your shiro is what makes your baits more baits. you position carefully around it either to dish more damage by ranged or by zendo’s effect.
Either way this will ensure that most of your minions are out of plasma’s range and are one move spell from blowing up whatever.

I got really lazy all of the sudden, so I’ll wrap it in a few lines.

Zendo is your killing power (that’s why you have 3 of him).
Most of the time you will buff a unit and let it hit twice with the zendo effect, some other time you’ll chain zendo into buffed zendo or inner focus a zendo for quick 6 damage.

The reason I place the deck right now is - i had so much success with it until now, almost a big long win streak (against gold, diamond and countless s rank matches)that I feel like if I will try I’ll get to s rank with it (diamond 2 is pretty close too).

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

P.s - the position decks part of Songhai are no joke, I feel the same brain gears as when I play vanar, boy it is fun.

just reached s rank with the list, the final version varies between a few options however this is the main one:

i switched the shiro for furry wild piggy for the rush, early hand size keeping and the matches where zendo is either not found or get removed.
as the saying goes “give a furry pig a sword and he’ll know what to do”

i must thank all the hard meta matchups that made me and reva panick to the world and back, killed us a bunch of times and gave zendo the opportunity to kill so many times.



I’d love to see your write up on https://www.duelspot.com :slight_smile:

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I’ll love to but I can’t figure out how to upload the right image, it always give me trouble.

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If you got the image from bagoum.com you have to put https:// in front of it in the upload template because it is just a link like “imgur.com/…”


thing got edited, reva and the furries just reached s rank.

now leave me alone at rank 5 from now on, i hate the climbing


Hey man I’m trying to upload the thing into duelpost but I can’t seem to figure how to upload the image.

figured it out, thank you:)


Sorry I was gone for 3 days :slight_smile:

Glad it worked out!

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What was the problem after all?

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Just didn’t figure how to do this properly


I am a big fan of this style of songhai, both the Reva and Kal variations of it.

Looks super solid. The only things I question is Bakezori as opposed to Jammer, Fox, or similar. Bak seems awkward outside of Kal, and its sometimes even awkward there as you often have things you want to spend your teleports on more.

And the other thing is has Deathstrike Seal been worth it? It is a hilarious combo with panda, but I have my doubts it really pulls its weight often enough, particularly at the expense of another proper two drop.


I rotated intensely through bakezori and jammer.
Until I figured it out, jammer let your enemy draw answers to your killing machines.

Bakezori is slower and eats your movement spells but it is good if you are able to drop it after poison panda or at 4 Mana.
It is a good body blocker too.
I went for it since some games went to 8-9 Mana, so I took less of an aggressive line of play, lost a few games for it but it worked at the end of it.

Kal is godly with bake, Reva is less godly but also good. since th deck doesn’t drop cards on a huge pace you can move bake without teleport and still be ok.

Deathstrike seal is what the deck based of, it is a game breaker with pandda (poison panda). Once you got the combo down it is basically a full on board clear, with a body that might clear again.

I used it in almost every game against every archetype, the match’s that I lost is due to not pulling the poison panda in time or buffed zendo.
I can say surely that poison panda is one of the strongest removals in the game.

Regarding 2 drops, I don’t need that many since 90% of the time I’ll erase the enemy’s board at the 5-6 Mana mark.
So I take my chances with the two drops that I got. I do however usually end up with at least one copy of a two drop in hand and that’s really all I need.


Bak still seems strange to me, but it is an all around solid card. Glad to hear it is working out. Deathstrike seal is super nifty, and its not half bad on just a heart seeker either. I am still not sold on it over OBS or even just another two drop though, but hey if its working no need to change it. Maybe I am underestimating it and I really need to try it out again. And it is major style points regardless.

Speaking of two drops have you considered dropping Ki Beholder in favor over Kaido Assasin? It seems to be a real shame to be running Mist/Jux/Inner/Ke without em and you could certainly use another two drop.

Another option is the Bamboozle route. It has been a long time since I tried the full OBS/Painter/Bamboozle package and I can not remember how difficult or easy it was to use Bamboozle for draw, but it certainly has the potential as a removal/draw engine package:



Ki beholder is very specific since it will bait removal and it is ranged with the option to stall a unit (which is a major boon), kaido assassin may be a good as a foot soldier but I want to get to lethal when the enemy depleted most of the removal on backlines.

Deathstrike on panddo is a( and I can’t stress this enough) huge game changer, and it breaks practically everything.
Ruining a board of vet, dying wish, wanderer to the point of no unit is usually a game over.

However one can be implemented also.

Maybe something like this -

I feel like this will do since you’ll be able to stall with obs, building you poison panda and feed from pandas.
While painter and preparing for zendo.
In any normal meta you could’ve leave the pandos but wanderer make them into 1/3. A full on blow out of the enemy board is the safest way to set up.

I usually don’t play with many 2 drops haha but I think 2 kaido or 2 shiro puppies might do the trick while you remove with obs and bamboozle and feed with bamboozle.
Poison panda give you a really strong edge, it is a shame to lose it.

I’ll try it.

Is it amazing or not? Damn, discovering dooly’s no man’s land.


I think if you want to try and use bamboozle as a draw engine you have to go 3x on the pandas otherwise its not reliable enough. I think you are better off with Bak/Jammer/Fox or maybe even replicant than running 2x on bamboozle. I am also just not sure if bamboozle is a reliable enough draw engine in the first place, it was just a thought. Plus if you are sticking to Poison Panda you have your removals covered already.

I do like your list, and I love poison panda even though its consistency makes me nervous. I still think Kaido would likely serve you better then beholder, particularly with Jammer/Bak as you can contest globes for them. But I do not think trying to mix the deathstrike package and the bambooz package is a good idea.


I’d like to mention that DSS in Reva > OBS in Wanderer and, partially, Xor matchups for obvious reasons.

As for me, I would probably avoid using MDS in the original list since there’s not so much minions to benefit from it. Instead I’d include another utility 2-drop, probably Azure Herald. A nice potential host for KE. Maybe Shiro could also work, either supporting ranged attackers or, again, hosting killing edge.


That is a very good point that OBS is not great for the meta where as deathstrike is well suited for the list. MDS on the otherhand is super good on backstab/heart seekers, can’t say I agree on that one.

Also has boar been pulling its weight over a more sticky two drop?


I see your point but mds help you just move things around (it is very good against solo generals where you can’t always jux.
It gives you positioning for painter/zendo and take almost every unit out of some removals limit (rebuke, plasma, tempest etc…) maybe you can take one out but you need it non the less.

Dds is better then obs, in this list i’ll try it in.

I mean the deck is already working but the few shortcomings are when you replace wrong or can’t find your combos and maybe obs can do well on here to some extent.

I just need to sit on it and view the right balance for the two.
Between shiro or azure I’ll go for shiro since I bank on damage and play a safe game so i will worry about the health only on a very long matchups or if I can’t distrupt an aggro blitz.

Boar is surprisingly good since he’s likely to keep your hand size and boar + ke is a quick cheep 6 damage following by 2 or 4 points of damage to where you can’t find zendo or didn’t do enough damage.
The main function of it is to break eggs, keep hand size and overall fill gaps in the tactic.

I added him since I got stuck in rank 1, adding him carried me through the rest.


I did some testing. Poison Panda can swing games like no other when it works out and it feels better than OBS in the meta, even with it being a bit inconsistent I think you are right that it is worth it. It really makes and breaks the wanderer or dying wish match ups. Teleports/Panda/Gotatsu/IF leaves you with plenty of answers to eggs, I still was not feeling Boar though.

It struggles a lot vs control Magmar and Ziran, control mag is at an all time low, but Ziran is common. To shore up those match ups and possibly improve the deck in general here is what I did:


Full set of two drops feels good. All of which are super deadly. Chakri can easily get big enough to dodge magmars removal and the other two speak for them selves. Kron is a big player here as it is really hard on mag/ziran. I still prefer Spelljammer as it is dodges magmar removal when mixed with Mist, and it just feels a lot more consistent then Bak. The magmar one is tough but winnable rather than feeling like an auto loss, and the ziran matchup I feel is tilted in our favor.


I’m glad you got a kick out of it:)
I see what you did there, however I kinda hate kron (mainly the way it looks, shallow I know) nevertheless I like to have a more active board rather then defensive in the sense of things waiting to get big (even though chakri is awesome), I think it comes down to playstyle.
Painter works well for my style, I’ll try the thing according to the former suggestion as I didn’t sit one bit on it.

I think it is time to official the poison panda, however I really don’t want it to get meta haha I’m kind of greedy for my treasures and scared af XD

Regarding the bake, I said in the beginning that I been rotating jammer and bake in order to figure which one is better. Jammer has a better immediate effect and it is easier to use and smoother, bake is just keeping the draws to ourselves.
I’m still turn apart in that sense.


Don’t worry, during my climb I’ve met more than one person using it. Even I do use it in some Hai decks.

You are not a special snowflake :stuck_out_tongue: