Introducing Duelyst Proving Grounds - A Discord channel that promotes friendly scrims for improvement


Hello friends! I would like to welcome you to the Duelyst Proving Grounds - a Discord Channel that promotes friendly matches and aims to help players get better through practice and build a tight knit community within it. You are able to join one of the 6 Factions and chat with your fellow teammates, to talk shop about how to improve your deck, how to play a deck and even receive coaching from them! The channel is very new player friendly, and we encourage veterans to reach out to actively help new players.

Proving Grounds hopes to open up to a competitive scene within the channel one day. Please feel free to join the channel and check it out. Perhaps we can get you better at Duelyst through practice!
Here’s the link :

Hope to see you there! :wink:


I’m getting some serious deja vu from this

I’ll probably join at some point


I think you’re a good man for that kind of stuff, @phayze :call_me_hand:

Unless any of the new players need a laugh or two, I’m not sure what other assistance I could provide. :sweat_smile:


It’s been great seeing you help this community grow, @lel7 . When I first saw you in the tournament scene I didn’t imagine you’d become this involved, but I’m glad you have :slight_smile:


Just gonna give this a good ol’ Primus Fist bump


I’ll be joining this one soon, after I get to rank 20! :sweat_smile:


After you join ull be instantly placed in S-Rank.


Lies I have been there for awhile and I’m still hard-stuck diamond 3


The Duelyst Proving Grounds welcomes new members and invites you to make the channel better! We have gotten a couple Diamond scrubs into S! Help is ready and available in the channel, all you need do is to seek it


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