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Introducing Duelyst: Battle Royale


I, Anjosustrakr, have recently been appointed Chief of Communication at Counterplay (the last guy quit over the “cub joins the pack” scandal), and it is my pleasure to share what we have been working on over the last few months with you. (At this point, you may be wondering, “How dumb does this guy think I am? His name isn’t even orange!” But there is a simple explanation for that. Bandai Namco has recently notified us that orange text is copyrighted by The Division, and soon we will be making the transition to muddy-brown names for devs and moderators. Our single remaining artist is hard at work on getting the color just right as we speak.) So, without further ado, announcing:


That’s right, folks! We listened to you! You said you wanted Casual back, and so we thought, “Wouldn’t they want a Battle Royale more?” And we’re sure you will. Here are some of the main features of this amazing new game mode:

  1. 45 players drop (off Young Flamewings, if you’re wondering) into a single map and fight to the death! There can only be one winner!
  2. No creatures allowed in decks. Use artifacts and spells to shatter your opponents!
  3. Artifacts never break except by spells or other artifacts being equipped over them, and if a General dies with artifacts equipped, those artifacts drop on that space, to be picked up by another combatant!
  4. The last surviving player in a game earns 10 gems! (Oh, yeah. There’s also a little side feature coming with the update, to encourage players to play Battle Royale: Gold no longer exists!)
  5. Streamers who stream Duelyst: Battle Royale will get fame and fortune beyond imaginable (from subscribers, of course; we’re broke).

This update is just too exciting for me. It’s something I’ve wanted to see in Duelyst since Day 1, and my polls have confirmed that you all want it too. We hope you enjoy this update! (Because it will be Duelyst’s last.)

“BUT WAIT!” you say, “When is this glorious expansion coming out?!”

The answer, my friend, is Very Soon™. And let’s conclude with a classic poll to see how the community feels about all this:

  • I LOVE IT!!!
  • [crying tears of happiness] THANK YOU, CP!!!

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Quality shitpost or just shit?


That’s it, guys he’s gone nuts! It’s time to PURIFY HIM.


The most quality


If its true then idk what to say, if it isnt then what a weird post.

tbh idrk what to say


This is 100% real. Would Counterplay ever lie to you?

  • Oh yeah
  • Never!

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No, don’t do this! I’m just an innocent Chief of Communication!


Duelyst: Battle Royale, that’s wut! Aren’t you hyped?


songhai gonna be the only one played in it, anything else is asking to lose. :sweat:


Emm just play Vet and equip the immunity artifact as it is techincally your turn for he entire match


Mantra meta incoming.


artifact meta coming.


qualishit thats for sure


eternal hearts the real mvp here :sirpenti:


But if you are lying then you are not with Counterplay, so you could be lying :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

So you have explained why no orange. However why don’t you have a new title beside your name?

I was expecting a reintroduction after you said you got your new position.
Like telling your possible love of polls with freedom of “choice”

Battle Royale sounds interesting. Wonder how balanced it is though.


Droplift yoink
or Doom and run


Well written! I love this post.

And the fact that my suspicion that @anjosustrakr is delusional now has some more evidence.


This is an alternate universe where Duelyst is published by EA instead of Banco.