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Introducing Diamonds

We’re introducing a new virtual currency to Duelyst called Diamonds. We are reorganizing the orb packages, which means that the minimum number of orbs that can be purchased for Diamonds will be increased slightly. This move to Diamonds allows us to offer discounts (previously not possible) to our players on an ongoing basis. We can now introduce periodic discounts of both in-game items and the currency itself. The price of Gold or crafting cards with Spirit will remain the same, so your banked up currency hasn’t changed in value!

Purchasing Diamonds

There are two main methods of purchasing Diamonds. In the Armory the most direct method is to click the Diamond section located on the left-hand side panel. Clicking anywhere on the Diamond bar will open up the purchase screen. This is also the location where you can quickly view how many Diamonds you have stored on your account.

The alternative method is to refill Diamonds through any purchase screen: if you’re lacking Diamonds you will be able to refill on the purchase screen. This screen is available through the Armory or during a game for emotes!

Either of these methods will forward you to this new store page. Through here, you can select your Payment Method and Package. Once you’re ready, click the “Buy Diamonds” button on the bottom right corner and start enjoying more Duelyst!

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This is what I wanted to hear the most. As long as the gameplay and progression does not change, I am happy to accept these business changes. Also this:


I am extremely skeptical.
We’ll see.

I gotta say that the bonus diamonds are less than I imagined and only avaliable from $40+ purchases.
I like the idea, so let’s see how this plays out in-game.

Will it be transparent through Steam, the same when you buy orbs and stuff, with payment taken care by Steam so we don’t have to type new payment data, credit card and stuff ?
(cause that’s usually my only occasion to use Steam Client, when I need to buy stuff)

Also, related :

I don’t really understand why they can’t offer discounts on gold & feel they need diamond currency.



The foggier the connection is between what we’re buying and its real cost, the more likely we are to spend our money. By using virtual currencies, the designers are engaging in price shrouding, a psychological marketing technique than goes back decades.


Diamonds appear to be a more premium currency, primarily obtained through real world cash. This allows CPG to offer deals without simply throwing free discounts at us that raise no money.

emil double post kreygasm

Please do not lock any content behind diamonds


so uh, does this mean we can’t craft MK2 skins or emotes with spirit anymore?

Your spirit and gold stuff wasn’t touched at all - Diamonds are simply a change to real-money transactions.


okay good

also are you doing this because of bandai namco or just a coincidence

I don’t like virtual currency and I’m personally unhappy about it.

The reason I’m unhappy about it is because every virtual currency has a weird money to currency to the main transaction purchase (for duelyst its likely to be Orbs) ratio. Usually its X amount of money gets X amount of currency, however the currency is done so that you can’t fully spend all of it as you’ll always have more than or less than what you want. Which either makes you have to spend money more because you don’t have enough virtual currency, or encourages you to spend more because you have leftover currency which makes you want to buy a bit more so you can use it up.

Looking the screenshots the starter bundle is 1000 diamonds, which makes it worth about $10 (screenshots suggests exchange rate of 100 diamonds = 1 dollar), however you can’t just buy 1000 diamonds the closest ones are 700 or 1500 which makes you arguably makes you have to buy more than you need for what you would want. If you want the starter bundle, you’ll have to spend more than you would before Diamonds.

One last thing, I don’t think the discount on the diamonds is worth it, unless you happen to buying a lot of orbs with a lot of money anyway.


That is the point. It is a technique game developers use to urge impulse buyers to buy more of the premium currency. I see where you’re coming from, but it just makes sense to do.

I know it makes sense for the developers and could make them more money, but its one of the things that I am always against regardless of the game and how much I enjoy the game. Which is a shame because I was planning on buying orbs from the new expansion and now I won’t.


Well, there’s at least some good news.
If you exclude the “bonus” diamond you get for larger purchases, orbs now cost from $1.50 (for 3 orbs) to $1.20 (for 50) each. Previously, this was from $1.50 to $1.25 per orb with the previous system.

I know 5 cents is a small difference, but that combined with gaining bonus currency for larger purchases and hopefully potential future sales, will make up in part for the uneven purchase values.

Of course, I do not know what values the orbs cost in different currencies.

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We have no plans to do so. You can still redeem your spirit or gold for everything in-game that you can today.




So $40 gets us 2 fewer packs than it used to. $20 for 15 packs -> $40 for 30 packs, 4200 diamonds gets 25 packs + 3 packs + 250 diamonds.

So sometimes you’ll get more diamonds for the same amount of real money? Or the same amount of diamonds for less real money? Or more stuff for the same amount of diamonds? Or the same amount of stuff for fewer diamonds? Or sometimes all at once?

Or it’s just something they said so they didn’t have to admit it was forced on them by Bandai Namco :wink: