Intro: Pawndawan / Tips for getting to Silver/Gold?


Hello Duelyst community! :slight_smile:

I’m Pawndawan, just found out this game while browsing my Steam queue. Looks quite interesting.

I’ve played MtG way back when 6th Edition was a thing, got started with the Portal series. More recently, I’ve been playing Card Hunter, a somewhat similar card game / tactical board game hybrid.

Anyways, I’ve been playing just couple of days, doing (daily) quests and slowly levelling up the factions. Been browsing the wiki, Reddit, Youtube and ManaGlow a bit. I guess, I should check out Discord as well. I’m just a bit confused since the info is scattered in so many different places.

The community and meta reports seem really nice. Currently trying to build my first half-decent budget decks.

I know that the new expansion is just around the corner, but I’d like to know, how easy (and worthwhile) is it trying to get to silver / gold rank? Six days to go, until the end of the month and I’ve only bought / opened ~6 spirit orbs, so my collection is not big.

Will ~1k spirit budget decks (eg. get me into silver (or even gold) rank and how many matches I need to win approximately to do that?

Should I disenchant some questionable legandaries / epics and try to rush for silver / gold, or just wait for the next month and new expansion?

I found Watabou’s Duelyst Disenchant Guide ( and identified couple of cards I could disenchant, if laddering for silver / gold in 6 days with a budget deck is worhtwhile strategy.

My current DE list:
Blood Taura


I would wait for disenchanting and enchanting until the dust from the expansion settles. Work on getting every faction to level 11 so that you have access to all of the basics.

I did a quick scan through the budget decks, and they look okay. However, I would not really try to go for the exact cards in those, but rather look at them and try to understand the ideas and substitute with what you have.

If you build a deck on curve, with some removal and some burst, then you should be fine.

I have been playing for a long time and have hit S rank 10 times. A couple of months ago, I started a new account, purchased the $10 starter set, and hit Gold with ~55 wins. My win percentage was pretty high, so it was something like 70-80 games (I had a couple of double digit win streaks).

For silver and gold, I would say that Lyonar and Vanar are the two best options right now. I used Faie (not Kara) and Argeon. Going aggressive with Faie is really strong at the lower levels I found.

It is pretty worthwhile to get to gold, as you get that month’s legendary card. Sometimes they are good (not always), so it is nice to be able to do that.

I would keep Blood Taura for the moment, as Abyssian is getting a 7 cost card next month that would allow you to play it for 1 mana, which seems strong (it may not turn out to be so).

Oserix is almost certainly not going to be useful in any type of deck you will have the cards to run any time soon (and even then he has never been very good). However, I would wait until the expansion hits.

You can friend me in game if you like and we can play some practice matches (I am finishing a busy month at work, but September is my vacation month). (I’m Whoshim in game also).


Friend started some time after the advent of Bloodborn Spells. She doesn’t plays much, mostly just enough to get the monthly Epic/Legendary to expand her F2P collection (very very slowly since she doesn’t even bother with quests on most days =S ). She played mostly budget Kara and this was what she used before she got Sworn Sister L’Kian to replace the Sojourners, very close to a dated TheScientist Kara deck (most current Karas run Hailstone Prison):

Seems to work fine for her farming monthlies.


Thanks for the replies and hints! Made it to silver just by levelling up factions and doing quests.

I don’t feel disenchanting cards nor do I have time to grind/claw my way up to gold this month, so I settle on silver and level up the remaining factions.

Is the gold and spirit bonus same for all ranks (silver -> s-rank) or does that scale up as well?


You are wise to not try for gold this month. I started late last month and I tried to get to gold the last few days and it was very frustrating and unrewarding. Especially with the exapansion looming, best to just play, learn the game and have fun.

Next month, I advise you to take your time and do not rush to gold/diamond. The reason is that the competition gets very tough and at first you will probably lose a lot of your games. If you stay in silver for a while you will be able to grind gold by getting 15 for every 2 wins, which is important if you are not planning to buy a lot of orbs.

Good luck and be sure to visit the Discord chat #new_players if you need help. It’s very active with both good veteran players and near-newbies like me. :slight_smile:


Invest into mechaz0r (you can skip the chassis) and get each faction to 11 for the free packs
I did this when I started and hit gold while casually playing a few games a day to finish my dailies


Unfortunately, there are no free packs at 11 anymore. At 11, you get the new general for that faction.


Even more important then!