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Interesting keyword combinations?


It’s uncommon for minions to have two or more keyword abilities, which is unfortunate because some keyword combinations would be quite interesting. In fact, it would be great to have a series of minions with two keywords. Kind of like Makantor for other factions.

I personally think Provoke and Flying in the same minion would be cool, since now it will be able to provoke any enemy on the board, no matter how far away. If anyone else have other ideas I’d be happy to hear them.


Forcefield and Provoke are surprisingly good together.

Flying and Frenzy let you swoop into the middle of the enemies army and deal heavy damage to it.

Rush + anything is almost guaranteed to be OP. Notably Rush + Celerity enables insane burst, especially if you use a cheap buff spell before attacking.

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What i would like to see is more minions with in faction keywords so zeal/backstab/deathwatch/grow/infiltrate. Thats what makes factions unique!


Ranged plus backstab. I want to know what happens.

Build(3) + provoke(while in build state)

Blast + ranged

Blast + backstab


Ranged plus backstab. I want to know what happens.

Just play a ranged minion and cast Obscuring Blow on it.


Ranged and Backstab don’t combo. A minion that has both can either Backstab or use a Ranged attack but not both at once. The same applies to Blast + Ranged.


Ranged + flying for a ranger that can run away when enemies come near

Ranged + Grow for a powerful backline threat

Zeal + Backstab is powerful ANTI synergy since it’s so hard to pull off. Maybe stick it on a powerful effect?

Frenzy + long neck for a truely broken card.


long… neck?


Sadly my ranged + Gargantuan Growth deck pretty much never worked out in testings :confused:




it all makes sense now


invulnerable + provoke


i hate you forever for that

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A true pity. Mad respect for trying.

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Rush + Flying is powerful manifestation of “screw you, eat this bodied flying nuke”. The elusive Orizuru/Inner Focus combos i sometime toss with the right buffing spell are solid arguments towards that. No need to speak the cruelty that Flying/Back stab by definition already is as well.


Rebirth + dying wish would be super cool, and really fun.
Scratch that, intensify + rebirth would be even more epic.
Blood Surge: Intensify this minion + Intensify
Sentinel + build.
frenzy + provoke, though that probably exists, or you could just magmar buff any provoke minion.
(on that note does this list feel even remotely viable?)

(how to derail lmao)

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Unleash the Evil mah boi :dark_sunglasses:

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i believe you mean Unleash the meme.

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Elkowl gives good laughs, once I got two Hsuku on the field, I love Grailmaster.

I support your idea! :slight_smile:

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