Interaction test request- Neurolink+Rebirth


I’m pretty new and I don’t have the dust to dump into the new expansion (just for this one card for this one test). It’s obviously a super niche case, but I’m still curious.

Neurolink gives your general all keywords from friendly minions for one turn.

Obviously Vetruvian doesn’t have direct access to Rebirth. However, they do have access to two minions (Elkowl and Fate Watcher) that gain random keywords, possibly including Rebirth.

The question is this: If Elkowl or Fate Watcher gains rebirth, then your general uses Neurolink and dies on your turn, will they respawn as an egg?





I’m pretty sure rebirth can’t be copied and even if it can be copied you lose the game when your general dies and since an egg doesn’t count as a general i don’t think it would help you much.

BTW Fatewatcher can only have Blast, Celerity, Flying, Frenzy and provoke.



If you steal zir as Vet, neurolink rebirth, and die will your general res pawn as a general, minion, or will you just not respawn at all?


Well, I did some testing, didn’t have a way to trigger the rebirth though.

Other keywords that I had available on board but did not get transferred to general:
Dying Wish, Deathwatch, Zeal, Opening Gambit, and Blood Surge.


Okay…this is insane and insanely difficult but…

…Say your General did get Rebirth, but dies before an Egg spawns…

…What if you have Grandmaster Z’ir (Lyonar)?

Your General dies, with Rebirth, and your new General becomes Z’ir. This sounds insane even writing it.

@zhabalabada This ought to trigger the Rebirth, no?


Heck if I know, on paper it sounds like it should work.

But, I’m Pretty sure this is the first time we’ve been able to give a general rebirth so who knows what will happen.


OK. So your general WILL get the rebirth text, but when you die you just lose instead of turning into an egg. for reference

UPDATE. if you have a grandmaster zir somehow, your general will become zir, but your old general will ALSO spawn an egg. the egg hatches into the original general with full HP.


Great work, I have to add that to the wiki later!


Apologies, on mobile; which acts as your General? Does the original General become a minion? Or does Z’irnstay a Minion?


both will be tagged “general” instead of minion. zir will become the main general though.




Would both generals be able to proc bbs (say sajj’s bbs)?


I would presume the ‘main’ general would proc the buff.


Then would the main general also have artifacts equipped or would both have them?


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