Inteactions between some cards


I wanted to know how does it work this particular interaction of 3 cards since seems unintended. Here is the scenario: there is a battle pando on board enchanted with deathstrike seal. The oponent play sunset paragon to kill him (it was previously damaged) and after the open gambit paragon is damaged but not dead… how this work? Is intended?


Spaghetti code.


Yeah that shouldn’t be happening. That’s a strange interaction.


It is weird, since the 3 cards are old enough to be tested, right? Maybe it was inteded afterall :thonk:


As flygon said…this realy isn,t the first time we discover a wonky interaction.Just look at sentinels and the mess silver with kinematic can cause

Since its CP the chances of it getting fixed are very low


Imagine discovering this on a final of a tournament.
But if you are in this specific scenario, is probably a final of 2 Wanderer decks… So no one cares. Not me at least.


Paragon should die if damaged by the burst of death strike+panddo. Contact support and send the replay.


This describes the structure of the code, not how it works though.

Opening Gambit happens before a minion is summoned, so theoretically Paragon shouldn’t be damaged.


New one:
A Xerrolorth with wanderer’s buff was killed by Plasma Storm.
I will assume that when spell cast activates Xerroloth first - then it changes to a 3/2 - then it dies by Plasma.


Yes, sentinels most of the time work this way. Transformation priority overrides practically everything else, and as such unless you have hard removal, Basilisk is Gay And Powerful!


Yet the 1 damage point dealt by the Panddo’s ability is still inflicted to the Paragon, and that same 1 damage was effected by the DSS spell, thus the paragon should die.


It’s obvious that this interaction is wrong, my point is that Paragon shouldn’t receive damage.


Of course, he was asking if it was intended, I responded with the standard active DO user phrase to these kinds of interactions of “spaghetti code” as Duelyst is known for having incorrect and inconsistent interactions.


When Battle Panddo receives damage it deals 1 damage to all enemies.
When Sunset Paragon is played and a Panddo hits itself its ability should proc so no, the point is actually that Paragon should receive damage and consequently die if the 1 point of damage dealt by Battle Panddo’s ability is affected by Death Strike Seal, so even after Panddo’s death its ability should proc causing the death of all the enemy minions hit by any form of damage coming from it.


Once again, Opening Gambit happens before Paragon hits the board, so he shouldn’t receive any damage.


Why shouldn’t it?
The burst damage from Panddo should happen when Paragon is already down.
Paragon is not immune from things that are procced when minion’s effects trigger.


OG > Pony hits > Panddo Effect

That’s the order that makes most sense for me based on my knowledge about this game’s interactions.


What makes you think so? Paragon causes damage when he is not yet in play, so ping can also happen when he’s not in play.

Anyway, either of these options is acceptable and consistent, IDK why you keep arguing.


Cause there’s only one truth.


Truth is bound by death!!!

lets see if anyone gets the refference