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Instead of Intro why not Goodbye


The main reason isn’t because of salt lol. I know what you mean in terms of that deleting the account would be a silly thing to do. When I want to quit a game, I want to actually mean it. Sometimes I have the urge to keep logging back again and again and so on. If I do log on very soon even though I’m saying my farewells, then this post I made wouldn’t make any sense and I end up lying to myself. Maybe I would come back very briefly in the future. A goal I want to achieve is to no longer be too heavily invested in this game. Sure I can get to s-rank, but it takes a lot of time to do so. Maybe in the future, I just stay in gold and not expect to grind like I used to.


Cool man, you do you. I totally understand quitting a game to get on with other things in life. I hope the game has had a positive impact on your life for the period you were playing. I wanted to disenchant my collection and craft maximum Prismatic Serpenti before they made it impossible, and I’m around mainly for the community.

Good journeys to you!


I understand needing to remove the option for you to be able to come back, but please dont delete the account. One so old is bound to have a vast collection and it would be a wonderful gift to a new player, or an amazing alternate acount for a vet. Giving it away and asking that they change the password should be as good as deleting it for you, without being wasteful. I have plenty of friends that would love to play but dont want to invest in acquiring cards.


Itd be especially wonderful to a vet like me


Or me, I really don’t want to craft a playset of Scarzigs because Alplod challenged me to build a Vanar Scarzig deck.


Don’t take it too seriously. I believe scarzig is unplayable anywhere but Hai.

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