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Instead of Intro why not Goodbye


Hello mrdarklord162 here,

I’m pretty sure after playing 24 seasons of duelyst, some people could recognize me. Well this is where I say farewell. I’m deciding to have my account deleted for good if bandai namco doesn’t get too stubborn with my request. (btw I sent the same request 6 times. you would think that it wouldn’t be hard for them to delete the account. after all there is a category dedicated for account deletion.) Well I have fun playing duelyst and decide to have a different change of pace. I don’t see myself long term with this game and am glad with the quality content given to me. Maybe I am still salty with the mythron cards. TBH I don’t think they should ever been created, but what’s done is done. Anyways bye everyone who decide to care enough to reply to this topic.


Just give @nwardezir ur account don’t delete it


…I mean, I would try to talk you out of it, but it sounds like you’re pretty set on leaving.

Perhaps at least leave your account existent, in case you ever want to drop back in and dabble six months or two years or something down the line.

But either way, take good care of yourself, and happy trails.

Also, if you’re in the market for a game and don’t inherently hate third-person shooters, maybe try out Splatoon 2. Freaking fun is what that is.


No one owns a switch be quiet and go to bed it’s late


Alright, have a good one!

(Oh and if you’re tryna find a new thing to play I HIGHLY suggest Hollow Knight, FTL, Hyperlight Drifter, Journey, Child of Light, Valiant Hearts, and getting a dog if you haven’t yet)


just do those things regardless of what you are looking for. that goes for everyone else too. go do those things


But Nintendo sells over nine thousand Switches a second. And Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2 are all rumored to cure cancer.


That’s not how it works. All my “account” requests are about the people, not the account itself :wink:


So, when people quit Duelyst, you claim their lives?


And their souls


I threw my soul into a river 3 years ago.

Am I no longer a person of interest for @nwardezir?


you still have your life and account, so unfortunately not.


Well, shit.

-guess it’s time to get rid of those two as well-


Ah, so you want to be them.


Same here, simply not having fun, so decided to stop waisting time.
Bye the way, if you used credid card to buy diamonds, they can store you card details… so it seems a bit odd for a company refusing to cancel accounts.




Looking back, I believe changing it to:
“nwardezir’s prey”


“A reserved slot in nwardezir’s pelt collection”

Might make it better


Sorry, maybe it’s the old age but I have no fucking idea of what you’re talking about.

Did I already have asked for your account sometime ? :confused:

(edit : @whyb0t is right, DM if needed)


Maybe we can stay on topic and you guys can discuss whatever the heck you’re talking about in dms or the discussion thread?

Anyway, seems like you’re salty but it’s always sad to see someone from the community leave. I hope you enjoy your time wherever you go. I don’t recommend deleting your account because, well, there’s 0 reason to. Who knows, maybe you come back someday, and if not you lose nothing by leaving it up. See you around!


These might just be the ramblings of a madman here.
The last few days of senior high destroyed whatever sanity I had left.

I’ll agree with @whyb0t and shut my stupid mouth for now