Inquisitor kron in Gauntlet, fact or fiction?


Hi guys,

Since the release of the expansion I played against an astonishing high amount of players with inquisitor kron in their gauntlet deck.

Believe it or not, roughly 1/3 of my opponents had Kron in their deck, which is insane regarding stats since kron is a legendary and with the denizen card pool added it is even less likely to get a specific card than before.

Does anyone have the same experience or I just been unlucky?


I have to call it luck unless they increased the chances of seeing shimzar cards in the draft. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case tbh but it’s probably just luck.


Well if someone see Kron there isn’t many legendary that equal him.

And maybe there are higher chance for shim’zar card yeah, but not sure about that. I know hearthstone probably use a system like this.

So that’s normal to Kron to be picked more often I think.


If you see Kron, you pick Kron. That isn’t the issue here. The issue is how he’s apparently given as a choice in the draft too often. But yeah, HS definitely uses the system were they’re altering the rate how often certain cards appear in the draft.


I played 6 gauntlet games yesterday drew Kron once and faced him twice


Drafted Kron once in my last 20 gauntlet runs. Seen Kron about eight times in 176 games.


It could also be, if you are playing all your gauntlet games in a single sitting, that you are facing the same opponent in multiple games - which means you see the same kron.

I’ve had rematches in gauntlet on occasion. Usually when there are very few people playing/queuing at that moment. Which means, you can end up with the same opponent every few games - especially if you are of comparable skill level.


Personally I haven’t played against Kron in gauntlet yet, but I have picked Kron a multiple times within 8~10 gauntlet runs.

Once, I got 2 legendaries in my deck, which 1 of them is Kron. Another time is when I draw THREE legendaries in my deck, which 2 of them is Kron.

It might be pure luck, but I feel like the legendary rate in gauntlet is quite high.

I don’t feel like the rate of Shimzar cards is altered. But My sample size is kinda small (abt 300 card picks) and might be biased as I tend to pick more non-Shimzar cards when given the choice between the two.


Since they changed the matchmaking you cannot encounter twice the same opponent unless with a different deck.

Btw some posters on reddit got the same impressions.


I think you can, just not twice in a row. (I know I’ve faced the same opponent a second time, a few games apart, but same decks.)


Maybe your opponent had a different deck.


Damn, I wasn’t imagining things. I played gauntlet for almost a whole day some days ago and faced a kron once in every 3 matches (!) and drafted him myself twice in 4 runs. Apparently there is a new gauntlet bug.


What was your score in Gauntlet when a lot of Krons started to appear? Maybe,at 7+ wins, the people who drafted Kron had high winrates because of him and ended up high in the gauntlet.


Quick “funny”(?) testimonial :

  • got Kron in my Gauntlet deck yesterday
  • never draw it
  • lost 3 times vs player that got it on the board

No comment :wink:


Not true. You can face the same opponent with the same deck.
See Naoki. Same run for both of us, same deck for both of us.
I play 30 - 60 gauntlet games a day, sometimes more. It happens.

He was playing Lyonar with the same exact cards.


One possible explanation is simply that CPG wants to highlight Shim’Zar cards, so that they have inflated the probability of the latest expansion cards appearing in Gauntlet. Given the relatively tiny size of the Shim’Zar Legendary pool and Inquisitor Kron’s near-no-brainer status among the Shim’Zar Legendary cards in Gauntlet, it would make sense to see Inquisitor Kron disproportionately often.

Maybe somebody will make a script to track lower rarity Shim’Zar cards in Gauntlet to test the theory? =S


I just finished 13 Gauntlet games today (thinly veiled brag, 12-1)…

Saw Kron a grand total of 0 times.