Inner Focus does not work on pets even with Zukong?


Wanted to make a pethai deck that would make use of Inner Focus on Rawr and Ion when Zukong is on board. When i had the luck to get 2 Zukongs, finally tried to play it but turns out even with Zukong and you can control your pets but you cannot target them with IF.


Inner Focus can only target minions, battle pets are not minions.


Source? Because I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.


but what about spells such as ritual banishing? destroy a friendly minion it says and i do remember you can target your gor with it


Well i tried it myself. drop rawr with zukong already on board from last round and couldn’t target Rawr with IF. next round i could move Rawr and exhaust it but still couldn’t use IF on it.


I never said I don’t believe you.


Soooo sometimes they act like minions and sometimes they don’t… seems legit


See, I just assumed it was a bug. It’s a very uncommon interaction after all, one which technically converts one minion type into another so I wouldn’t be surprised if it slipped through testing. Fact that the Zukong isn’t really played also doesn’t help. Still waiting on that source by the way, pets not being minions would really baffle me but I’m willing to admit my mistake if that is the case.


Well i guess that the situation is a bit messy cause 1-the definition of minion itself isn’t clear. Basically every body you have on board is a minion, but only certain of them have the minion archetype (for example, inner focus says it targets a friendly minion, but it works on chakri avatar which doesn’t have the minion archetype, but it’s an arcanyst, while still being a minion).

2-i guess zukong has a weird interaction with phases. Basically battle pets can act only during battle pet phase, and that’s why if you psychic conduit them you can’t use them. With zukong you can control them but if you inner focus it fails cause they are limited to act in bp phase… Even if you actually control them bypassing the bp phase only… From the tooltip wording you could also expect that while you control them they should still be limited to bp phase, so it made sense if you could control them in their phase “with the usual ui warning, battle pets go!” and then you have your standard phase, but that’s not the case


Have to check my replay to confirm but I remember if I have zukong and a pet, there is not battle pet phase prompt.


I was assuming that there is not. The weird interaction with zukong and phases is that you control them as they are your regular minion but can’t inner focus them cause according to the system/code the battle pet phase is already passed

I’m just speculating here btw


Seems like a bug to me, maybe post about it in the technical forum?


I’d say it’s a bug because it doesn’t matter whether the card says minion or battle pet in other interactions, such as Greater Fortitude being used on Gro.

It’s just another little thing in this game that needs polished up and clear rules presented. Logically, if you can control your battle pets as if they were minions, you should be able to use the full accompaniment of your faction spells with all intended outcomes.

If they want to start differentiating between “phases” of a turn and whether “minion” is not the same as "battle pet, " then they should put together a comprehensive rule compendium for this game and include it in the game itself as part of the main menu. Gray areas in rules are annoying as shit to me.

I’m sure it will get fixed sooner rather than later if enough people submit tickets about it, but since it is a deck that not many players try to run, I have to wonder how long it will take considering all the other work going on behind the scenes currently.


It could be deliberate considering Songhai have Crimson Coil: Deal 2 damage to a minion and activate your battle pets.


After i checked my replay, i think it could indeed be a bug.
When you have zukong all you pets have a caption: Tamed Battle Pet
Now i think Inner Focus was coded not to work on normal battle pets because then it would be broken or does not make sense because you cannot control them.
The Zukong “buff” did not cancel the Inner Focus ban and thus you still cannot target the pets because of they are still pets.
So i think it all comes down to whether IF is meant to be used on pets that you can control.


Exactly. Let the players know either way and put it in writing.


Well, i guess something similar happens with psychic conduit.

When you use it on normal minions, they activate, so you can move and attack with them. Yet, when you use it on battle pets, they do nothing.

So maybe something is wrong with the “activation” phase. Because also, if your battle pet moved, but didnt attack because there was no nearby target, WONT attack if you push a minion nearby the pet.


Your last one is because Pets have a separate movement phase than the player. I think the reason why this happens is because stuff like Inner Focus doesn’t restart the “pet phase” but something that directly effects pets specifically DOES restart the “pet phase” thus IF and Conduit don’t work.


Pets with zukong buff has no “pet phase”. I know because when I use Crimson all my pets get “inner focused” and I can move and atk with them a second time like a normal minion.


I would add that not only are battle pets usually considered minions (all other cards which successfully target minions also target them) but so are structures. We should think of battle pets and structures as subclasses of minion which have additional behaviour.

It would make some sense to me if you couldn’t target battle pets with Inner Focus on the turn they are played. (They maybe don’t come into play exhausted but they do come into play after their attack phase.)

I don’t think this Zukong interaction is a bug in the current state of the game but more importantly it would make sense if Inner Focus always worked on battle pets.