Infinite Sarlac deck - is it possible?


hmm I thought of it as more of a Drogon Vaath sense. go face with everything, blood echoes (as u probably haven’t lost much) and soul grimoire for the burst. 17 damage with just 3 minions. only goes up as more sticks.


@longshot405, @deathsadvocate, @divinedevek, guys, thanks a lot, you made my dreams come true!

Magmar is especially vulnerable to this deck. Plasma storm and natural selection are of no use!

I had some really nice games with these decks)

P.S. How did I not manage to get that sarlac could be a part of dying wish deck? It’s a mystery.

P.P.S. Just got another Abyssian ribbon with @longshot405’s deck. It means smth.


BTW, is it just a theorycrafting draft or did you test it?

With curve being so low, and not so much dying wish minions, isn’t it better to substitute Lurking Fear with…basically anything? While playtesting this I found out that Lurking seems to be not really needed.

Also, is Jaxi actually good? It conflicts with Gors, btw.


I have started putting in the work to test it, and I have tested the Eternal Army deck it is based on extensively.

Jaxi is a great turn one play, a dying wish minion, provides two bodies for death watch, and his ranged half is cresendos favorite target. Its a mainstay in my eternal army deck.

The deck has a ton of dying wish, and is very good at maintaining card advantage. The deck needed another turn one play to go along side jaxi/gor and Lurking Fear was a fairly natural pick to help accelerate the deck. There are not a lot of other turn one plays the deck would be interested in, next best choice would probably be inkling surge as you can use it for a turn one play in a pinch while always being a great card later on.

Edit 1:

I may be cutting cresendo in favor of Shadow Dancer. If I like that change, Jaxi may end up going.

Ephemeral shroud is another option instead of jaxi/lurking, as is the crypto/furosa/inkling package.

But so far I like both jaxi/lurking and have been playing it a bit in the top 10.

Edit 2:

Nekoma and Lurking have both felt a bit slow, swapping them for inkling and void hunter which achieve about the same affect while being quicker and more versatile. They provide an actual lower curve rather then an artificial one with roughly the same draw power, and as always its nice to have actual digging power for combos rather then an awkward tutor.

Edit 3

Traded Void Hunter and Jaxi for Darkfire Sacrifice and Vorpal Reaver.

Card advantage has not been an issue, and the deck lacked any early threats before its 6 mana combo turns meaning it was really easy to get snowballed. Darkfire Sacrifice, and Vorpral Reaver help speed up our clock and give us an alternate gameplan, which also makes desolator and dancer much more efficient. Without cresnedo, and the abundance of ping, jaxi wasnt pulling his weight anymore.


I’m trying to tailor your deck suggestion to my needs. I still use consuming - it makes echoes much more effective.

Card draw is an issue for me, so I keep Nekomatas (maybe it’s an issue cause I have less desolators).

A recent game in gold was fun. I managed to get 12 sarlacs=2 out of hand sarlacs+consuming+2x echoes:

Ended a game with a flashy skorn combo:

Me happy :blush:


Looks fine, although I do really find the gors worth it. And grimwar over cresendo is a must as echo/war is the main win con.

After quite a bit of testing, Its a pretty competitive deck with some crazy combos. Unfortunately in order to make room for all the cool combos the deck just doesn’t have enough room to be able to properly tech for the meta leaving it a decently competitive deck that is a lot of fun, but still lower tier.

However I am still tinkering with it and trying out a few variations.


I completely agree with you and have already replaced DFC with Grimwar.

Maybe in another meta. We’ll see)


Here is one of my alternatives.

Cyrpto/furosa package give you the early game that the deck was lacking, artifact hunter provides card advantage and tutors for the most important card in the deck, grimwar. It takes a page out of my “famine” deck’s tricks with tracer to combo with grimwar or just be a good escape. Gor went to two to make room, as 3x felt a touch overkill now that the deck has some other good openers.

Its more consistent, but also more gimmicky.


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