Infinite Sarlac deck - is it possible?


I have dreamt of a deck where I have a board filled with Sarlacs for a long time. Three is not enough, I want no less than ten. Thinking about it, I understood it’s quite (theoretically) possible with the help of this core:

Nekomata is here to raise the chance to draw Sarlac.

Well, one may also want to add Gor, but there can be no more than 4 Gors, so I’m not interested in them (but can consider them with proper arguments).

How can the infinite Sarlac Deck win? With Deathwatch, of course! So my deck is the following:

Well, the idea is to live up to the point, when you have lots of Sarlacs - and then BOOM!..Deathwatch.

And, of course, it doesn’t work.

Yeah, I know, I have to:

1)Find Sarlac or Nekomata.
1.5) If I found Nekomata - Kill Nekomata.
2) Have some rebirths AND echoes in hand to multiply the number of sarlacs.

(and all this while we have 5 of the first ones and 5 of the second ones)

  1. Have some deathwatch synergy cards.

Not possible.

But I want it to work, really-really. At least in gold.

I want to have a deck with a main idea of spawning numerous unkillable minions.

Consistency problems:

1)Low chance to draw Sarlac.

How can it be made higher? I do already use specialized draw and Aethermaster. What more could be done?

2)Dead cards

While needed for infinite sarlac combo, echoes and rebirth have no more use. Thus, if you don’t draw Sarlac they’re pretty dead, btw, with all deathwatch synergy cards altogether. I can bear the uselessness of deathwatch cards in earlygame, but still, too many dead cards. How can I make them nondead?

3)Seemingly not much place to fit smth

With all those useless cards, which I need, there’s not much place for useful cards. Nice.

n) No profit.

And here is the request. Please help me to play the unplayable, to build the unbuildable, to win the unwinnable!

EDIT: The most recent version of my deck

Destroy/Revive deck

you can make alcuin loremaster infinite with


If only it could hit friendy minions) So many stupid decks would have appeared)


i forget how @excogitator did, excogitator can you explain how you did it?


It was a friendly match, I believe. Just for the sake of breaking Duelyst with big numbers)


Maybe add some Zureals if your opponent kills some for you? Nether Summoning might also fit if you want to go full meme.


Watch “Duelyst - Sarlac Meme Deck” on YouTube -

Edit: appatently countered incredibly hard by metamorphosis + spirit harvester, but L’kian isn’t always so generous (hmmm, but what deck could take this combo? :thinking: Artifacts I guess)


Oh, thanks, I will!


This is actually my favorite deck to play right now. Here’s my version of it:


I make occasional changes from time to time depending on how frustrated I am or memey I want to be. (typically, I’ll reduce blood echoes or consuming rebirth for more powerful cards if I’m tired of drawing them at bad times; it happens a lot).

It’s a very good deck with a very powerful late game. I typically just try to survive long enough to make a big board or hit 9 mana before I start to win. Typical win conditions are dropping a Shadowdancer on a board of 6+ Sarlaccs and Gors or 9 mana Desolator, BBS, Desolator plays (killing your own Desolator to play it again).


Wow, even lurking fear. Memes united O_o I like it!


You can certainly make something like this work:

It’s a variation of my eternal army deck, I really think trying to force both echos/consuming just is not a great plan, but just echos goes a really long way.

Echos or Skorn+Grimwar will do some very scary things. Skorn+Grimwar or Dancer is also pretty scary. Of course echos can just serve as a field multiplier, or a way to undispel things. Combine that with some dying wish synergy to help flood and provide card advantage and you have something that is pretty effective.


Lurking is only usable because of Nekomata. It can speed up the deck tremendously to a point you’re basically hand dumping sometimes. Nekomata ensures you can replenish your hand more easily especially if you use Blood Echoes with one on the board when your hand is empty.

You’ll note Gor is in my deck too. He’s there to make Blood Echoes get more value and help Consuming Rebirth be less of a dead draw. If I don’t have 3 + Gors on the board, or a Sarlacc to target, I can and will make more Gors.


Can you tell about those “occasional changes” ?
Is it really consistent with these 2 x “one of” ?

Anyway, looks more fun than usual Undying ones, gonna give a try.
Tried Unseven ?


I will reduce Consuming Rebirth and/or Blood Echoes to make room for more utility Dying Wish minions like Ironclad (which is actually far more useful than you may think) and Reaper of the Nine Moons. To be honest, I’m sure I could find better replacement, but I’m strictly keeping with the theme of Dying Wish.

Going off of what I said in just a second ago, those “one ofs” are more utility cards that aren’t truly needed for the deck to win. Ironclad is an “oh shit” button that can stop Mechazor or other nasty critters if I can’t find or use other removal. Reaper is more offensive, typically providing 5 face damage before getting hit by Blood Echoes for super value or just dying for its own effect.

Fun fact, I used to run more Reapers instead of Vorpal Reaver, but found that Reaper frequently didn’t deliver enough to justify. Reaver on the other hand can be a win condition if your opponent can’t clear it. Even if they do, the Wraithlings may give you lethal as well if you have a Shadowdancer to play.

Back on track, the only time the deck isn’t consistent is if:

  1. I draw too many Lurking Fears but cannot find a Nekomata
    I will either fall below the curve for too long and lose, or even with replacing dead cards, not be able to find my engine and stall.
  2. I fill my board with Sarlaccs and Gors but cannot find a Shadowdancer or Desolator to keep me alive.

Unseven was in the original make of the deck, but performed horribly. His body is far too weak to justify his effect. Even then, I frequently have games where he won’t generate much value because I can sometimes completely dump my hand if I want to. If the deck’s curve was pushed up more (more Reapers and maybe a third Reaver), his effect might find more use.

ALSO, worst case scenario: he dumps a Desolator or Nekomata on the board while my hand is still healthy. If they die too soon, I’ll over draw and lose very important cards while also losing my ability to sustain myself late game.

Final note about the deck: Sunbloom and EMP are your worst enemies. It’s very hard or impossible to come back from one of these if they hit at opportune times.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll test it no matter the “risks”, I’m safe home (=Diamond) for a week now and have to keep me busy/entertained while doing quests. Nothing to lose :slight_smile:


Don’t forget you can use echoes and rebirth on Nekomata, Desolator and Mindlathe targets.
Also use them to “un-dispel”.

My hate for EMP started when I tried doing Sarlac decks :rage:.





Wow. Aggro Dying Wish Lilithe and I thought I had the most obtuse deck ideas. Bravo my good man.


I certainly would not describe it as aggro, it’s a combo deck, spends time building an immortal field and then caching in on it. It has a low curve with accelerated dying wish, but nekom/Desolator keep your hand topped off.


As much as I’d like to support Sarlac swarming, I can only recall bad memories about it. However, my constructive opinion is that Primus Fists might be a good staple to expend the use of early sarlacs.

What is the win condition of the deck? :stuck_out_tongue: