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Infinite removal deck


So i came up with another idea for a deck which consists of Nightsorrow assasins(kill enemy minion with 2 or less attack), mirrorims(to add another 3 nightsorrow assasins or copy itself adding 3 mirrorims), spells and minions that reduce enemy minion attack like blood siren(-2 attack for 1 enemy for a turn), horrific visage(-4 attack for all minions for 1 turn), void steal(-3 attack for 1 enemy and +3 attack for adjacent allied minions) and minions that copy spells with -attack so you can use your nightsorrow assasins more like alcuin loremaster(copy most recently cast spell), alcuin fugitive(1 most recenly cast spell each turn) and loreweaver(whenever you draw a spell put a copy in your hand). These cards in right ammount and with proper other cards added to it could give a player infinite removal because mirrorims can be used on mirrorims and then on nightsorrow assasins also you can cast 1 free spell per turn giving you have alcuin fugitive on board(i need to craft one and research how fugitive REALLY works) or you can use loreweaver which gives you 1 copy of a spell each time you draw it which you can replace for a nightsorrow assasin(for example) so you can draw it and copy again. I will appreciate any other card suggestions for this deck to work correctly, because it requires a lot of perfect draws and opportunities to pull off. If there was any deck tracker program to duelyst it would be very helpful in piloting this deck which would also require at least 100+ IQ lol. What do you think?


There is a duelyst deck tracker progam from T2K5’s duelyst scripts list: https://duelyststats.info/scripts/scriptlist.html.

However the problem as I see is that its maybe to mana-inefficent. Even in a perfect world of 9 mana late game, assuming you get there, you can probably deal with 1 to 2 threats per turn. Thats assuming you have enough early game to get there which could be difficult to answer all the problems so that your opponent will be shoving out one at a time.

Your hand will be empty from all the resources in the early game which hinders your mid and late game.

However, with all the luck in the world, it will be the most funny and annoying deck to ever meme Duelyst. Hopefully it works out for you.


I think the deck should have at least one win condition. You can’t win by just removing everything.

Also, there’s enough decks which do not rely on minions. They will screw you up.




Smash Vaath. Nuff said.


Not if you out heal… Yeah no, you can’t outheal the pressure unless you have a sarlac and like infinite aphotic drains. Sad, because I did face a quest abyssian who did that basically to me :sob:.


If you want a prototype deck to base off of, here was my doom deck during the Standard/Unlimited chasm era of duelyst.

It was funny since it basically removed the threats and win con was either slow doom or slightly faster cadence punch with blood taura or emp at 9/9.


Ive tried Blood Siren + Assassin- For some reason, they NEVER came together in my hands! disappointing. And I like Siren too


Its because Duelyst knows… They know man…


Wow k if your ambitiousness grows as exponentially like this I’ll need to retire from the meme business :smiley: just kidding, memes are my second nature

Don’t lose that explorer spirit man! Also if this helps here’s an old deck of mine (should also have Blood Siren 3x but I forgot it from the list at some point): Miguel’s Abyss deck and discussion space 100% proven to be garbage :slight_smile:


You can’t win by just removing everything.

I was planning to win by fatigue dmg lol

this could be a 5 cards version of infinite deck. You play sarlac, mirrorim a mirrorim, cast ritual banishing, then mirrorim alcuin 2 times and repeat.


then u will need mnemovore + lilithe to speed up the fatigue or else its going to take too long


Alternatively you could just have an alcuin fugitive…



yes u can. remember, this guy’s game plan is to mill your actual lifespan.

that said, emerald rejuvenator is a solid card for this deck.


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