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Infinite grow! Much meme. Such mech buff. Endless possibillites


Hello world. Did you know S.I.L.V.E.R stacks the grow effect? Stay tuned, and I’ll teach you the dark side of the force…

Here is the decklist (I’ve posted updated and better versions in the reply section):

With S.I.L.V.E.R, Godhammer out all your mechs will get +1/+1 grow permanently for each other mech you control everytime you play a new mech. That’s a crazy exponential growth. If you play Chassis of Mechazor, or even better; MECHAZOR himself, you will be unstoppable. (I don’t think humans were meant to have this power…). With this deck I have gotten my best pvp overkill: 204235dmg. Unfortunately, you can maximum have +999/+999 grow on a creature. But that’s the only limit this deck has. If you have Moloki Huntress out, your mechs can grow +999/+999 EACH TURN. Who says you can’t go both wide and tall?

This deck might be my funnist deck. Not only that, but this deck can probably get you to gold. And it is perfect for boss fights.


The weakness is little removal. You will always need to be a threat to your enemy. Unless someone out there has any suggestions to some changes…


LOL that’s hilarious. Didn’t know that interaction existed. Well-played.

Consider throwing in makantor in your top end for removal over the sphere and NS. shaving a mech here and there can also give room for 2x rebuke.


Hmm…might actually make silvers for this


I am surprised. Zohan was doing stuff with that interaction :smiley:


Communism remembers what stalin forgets.


I remember a time where there was no limits on stats and I got my general’s attack past the number format’s limite, so it just displayed as “infinity.” This deck might be able to do the same if you duplicate silvers. Sadly that’s now been patched.

  • I see what you’re going for with the Chassis: the forcefield will block out kujata and flash. I don’t think 2 damage a turn is worth that trouble though.

  • with that draw, that amount of own-minion damage, it would be safe to put amplification in there for consistent early game pressure.

  • if you’re having trouble with safe and solid endgame plays that doesn’t rely too much of facerolling the enemy, try Project Omega and/or EMP and/or zurael. Omega can capitalize on your mech spamming, while EMP can cover your lack of removal. if you find yourself getting boardwiped all the time, a ramped Zurael might be the topdeck you are looking for.

  • memes work best with a staple or two: consider makantor
    i mean…

makantor addresses this.

here’s a summarized list of cards you can remove, in the order i suggest you remove them to make room for what you want:
natural selection (1-off is too rare to draw)
replicant(too much draw)
earth sphere(if adjusted deck does not need it anymore)


Here’s version 2.0. Consider to throw in homeostatic rebuke in there if you need more removal. (A 3.0 version is further down)


can we play your infinite grow deck vs my infinite shadow creep damage deck?


matchup of the century.


Sure bro. Is your name ‘tobiahu’ ingame aswell, @tobiahu?


Here is the replay of “infinite grow vs infinite shadow creep battle of the century”. We had to concede in the end because of all the lag.


Warning: It takes a long time to load the replay. Hope it doesn’t destroy your pc :wink:



and here’s the replay from my side :smiley:
Watch it in real time and x1 speed or the units will begin to glitch out :stuck_out_tongue: or they will glitch out anyway :rofl:


Here is version 3.0 of the deck. It is probably the best one so far:

Homeostatic rebuke is really fun when I have minions with frenzy. If a minion with frenzy attacks itself, it also attacks everything around it (this might be a nice finisher with mechaz0r). I once used it against a friend where the board was filled with 13000/13000 mechs with frenzy and forcefield, and he owned some of them. The game froze for us both for a minute or something when I played homeostatic rebuke.



and here’s his infinite grow deck versus the best deck i could find on the forum :rofl:


Duelyst: ENDGAME

right here in this thread.


Oh btw, like grow, backstab scales exponentially with S.I.L.V.E.R. Just gonna put it out there for you guys to have fun with


I just can’t understand what were you guys aiming for… @yowohokid could win at like turn 4, while @tobiahu could clear the board with novas at the beginning.

WTF were you doing?


It was painful to you
but to answer your question

he just really likes sitting in a corner