Infinite Funk - Tower Defense Tournament


Hi guys, Maelrawn here, with something new this time:

I’ve set up a tournament on battlefy for one of the gamemodes outlined in Eudaimonia’s matchmaking thread (I recommend you try some of the gametypes with a friend - they’re neat!).

This tournament’s rules are Tower Defense, which means that at the beginning of the game, you must move your general into one of your starting side’s corners, and can’t move out of it for the rest of the game. The movement restriction leads to a lot of cards changing value (the easiest example is Aerial Rift - what a powerhouse!) as well as games slowing down significantly (can anyone say Excelsious?).

We start on Friday at 7PM EST (converter here). Everyone is welcome to join, and I encourage you to if you’ve ever had an interest in tournaments but never played in any, for whatever reason you may have. This is a fun event, and we have orb prizes (specifics TBD).

The link to the tournament is up above, and I hope to see some of you guys there :?)


Interesting, but probably I can’t participate, will be busy on Friday


are there any restrictions on what can go in the decks?


tryna get shadowdancer banned? :wink:

my kappa


nope, everything is fair game!


Add me on duelyst @Owlington and ill come join up


Please join through the battlefy link in the OP; if not, we can’t count you as registered.


Can you teleport your general using silhouette tracer or is that banned?


I mean, you can use the card, but if you don’t cancel the teleport and are not in the corner, then you DQ yourself.


I’ll be sure to cheer you guys from the sideline :wink:


Starts 1 am my time, will have to pass, but nice of you to organize this :slight_smile:


What if I mesmerize their general :imp:
Auto win? :blush:


Aww shucks, it starts at 1AM where I live. Oh well, cool idea!


I’m not going to join, due to some issues relating to school, but imo wouldn’t lyonar be the most overpowered general? With the amount of provokes it has you would need to literally break through a meat-shield of minions.


If I did join, I was considering a spellburn Songhai to be pretty funny too. With Alkyone and Crescent Spears and Cyclone Masks.


Damn, this sounds amazing. But family meetings are already calling their victims out of town for this Christmas…

The best of luck to the participants :>


but remember, no zeal :wink: and not much buffing as argeon


Man, decimate is going to be hilarious.


We only have one entrant at the moment :cry:

Cmon guys! Join up, no harm no foul :?)


There two entrants, and that’s a tournament :wink: