Infinite damage?


So guys im new to duelyst i have been playing agaisnt some abyssian players and i was interested in a card i thinks its name is shadow sister something but if you got gold vitrioil and shadow sister and you damage an enemy would that loop until your general is in full health while damaging enemies twice the health that is regenerated?


Wouldn’t the Vitriol eventually kill Kelaino?


infinite combos are hard coded to not happen, after 1 cycle it stops. however if you were to make an infinite combo that required input, such as kujata + shadowdancer + snowchaser, then that would work as long as you don’t run out of time


i think that’s only with sunriser (one that does damage around it when healing occurs)

im not sure if they did that with vitriol


what saying is you you are playing as abyssian and you got golden vitriol lets say in the effect of grincher and you summon kelaino and then you attack an enemy that would trigger kelaino and then that will heal your general and then kelaino golden vitriol will activate then kelaino and so on…


you are controlling kelaino so vitriol wont damage her


it is just infinite combos that would go on without input in general, so playing decimus vs ruby rifter is not game over as an example.


hmm, i never knew that they did that

kinda sad from my perspective

i would have loved to see some kind of minion swapping card so i could give my opponent certain loop making minions / make decimus rifter otk


Then that wouldn’t work either because your general cannot be healed past 25 health.


You liked so many of my posts where I talked about that infinites a hard coded to not be in the game.

:cry:you don’t read my posts. :cry:




There’s actually only one legal infinite damage combo in the game (as far as I know.)

  1. Have a Bloodrage Mask equipped, or a Four Winds Magi on the board.
  2. Have Kage + Sarugi + Prismatic Illusionist on board under your control.
  3. Cast a Gotatsu on the Illusionist, then go to town on the illusions it summons with Kage Lightnings.

Lol nvm kage only targets enemies.


How would prismatic illusionist summon illusions?


4head i fucked it up


It actually works against hoolahoop girl or gates. I managed to do it once against gates, it was very epic.


Oh yeah, didn’t think of that.


There’s also the Twin Fang, Kujata, and
Sand burrower Combo:

  • Fractal replicate a Kujata to get three Kujata (the third one usually dies if played directly)
  • play twin fang
  • play sand burrower. It costs zero and takes 3 damage on play due to Kujatas. However, its ability triggers and you immediately get it back in hand. Repeat for infinite damage.


Okay that seems fun. I might make that.


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