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Infinite backstab


So I finnaly came to playing songhai and wow i got to say that this general is really fun with all those songhai cards. BBS triggers chakri avatar and winds magi twice which i take advantage of in this deck. The idea of this deck is to cast obscuring blow 15 times on your general and then copy meditate with alcuin fugitive each turn to add infinite obscuring blows and then bangle to double backstab. I also added mist dragon seal so we can teleport our crutial minions like alcuin, chakri or magi out of danger. I also added zendo to make enemy general backstab himself on his turn (backstab also works on enemy turn), and added paddo in case our enemy is hugging the wall we can just move him to random location. Any suggestions how can i improve this deck to fit it’s concept or maximum backstab damage?



bruh, this entire deck is just a mess, I can’t even begin on where you need to change things. Have you actually played this deck?



I don’t have any legendary songhai cards because i just started playing it but the concept of backstabbing general seems fun. Any suggestions how would your general backstab deck look like?



I wouldn’t have one because backstab sucks ass. It’s so easy to just hug the wall and prevent the backstab unless you play cheap minions like bandit or assassin (pre nerf katara). Despite the fact that there are a shit ton of backstab cards in songhai, literally no one uses them except for bandit cause they suck.

I’m not trying to be mean about this, I too once tried to do full backstab with shadow waltz, just doesn’t work. It’s inherently a flawed mechanic.



what is the best meta songhai shindai deck then?



Mantra, 8g8gs, artifact or arcanyst. None of these are that great and can be teched against easily enough if anybody cared to.

If you really want to do some backstab shit, I would recommend an artifact list by @owlbeastmd that I can’t find right now.



I agree with most of the above. However, if you are playing because you enjoy the mechanic, don’t let it stop you! Remove the following:

Four Winds
Mist Walking

Going with the theme of your current deck consider the following:

Heaven’s Eclipse(Instead of Hiogi)
More Paddo
Repulsor Beast
Recombobulus(Only if you REALLY want more havok)
Inner Focus
Killing Edge
Massacre Artist

Focus on moving the enemy where you want them and then capitalizing on it with Massacre Artist and Inner Focus. If you get Massacre Artist, you really shouldn’t need Obscuring Blow. With proper control you can get off some mad combos but as stated above, Backstab is a hard mechanic to justify.



I won with my deck :smiley:



Once again, I’m not trying to be mean, but, one, almost anything goes in silver, and two, your opponent does not have a very high IQ let’s just say. The man literally took 6 damage to the face for no reason whatsoever and didn’t even attempt to cover his back. Let’s not even discuss what exactly his deck was in the first place.

That being said, while I stand by my points from before, you need to drop what the guy above says minus mist walking (put that as a 2 of) and also fugitive, hiogi, Eblades, like the whole deck needs to be changed including the general. And why no scroll bandit one of the most OP 2 drops right now? Also needs jux and I would recommend twilight fox over paddo but that’s expensive I guess, also needs mask of shadows. Whew, thsi is really gonna turn into an essay so I’m gonna stop at this point.



Thx for tips guys ^^
another victory :1st_place_medal:
and here i locked in enemy general with zendo for backstab fiesta :smiley:



I’m really sorry if I was being an asshole in your thread. Don’t let me discourage you or others from trying to build this deck, it might not be the best but it doesn’t matter as long as you have fun. I’m really sorry.



One question

Where is the backstab?



I’m no Songhai expert but Shidai is the last general I will use for backstab.

Kaleos: blink minions to get behind.
Reva: range minions to encourage opponent forward so you can get behind.
Shidai: ???

Then again your deck looks more of a combo deck than one that uses backstab minions :confused:.



Our lord has descended into heretical Songhai to share his wisdom of unlimited potential!!! This needs a Mask of Shadows!



I think you’re referring to something like Niklaren’s solo Shidai, an Artihai build that includes Mask of Shadows for combo kill potential. I also have a more memey version that goes all-in on the backstab plan.

What you guys are missing is that the goal here is to backstab with your general, not minions. If you look at what the Spellswords actually do instead of just treating them as spell triggers, Shidai is actually the best Songhai general for this purpose.



Next question.
Say you use Mask of Shadows for awesome kill combos.
Is there any point on infinite Obscuring Blow as damage-wise looks overkill?
Why bother so much effort copying when you can kill someone in one combo anyway?



Wut 15characters



You was a bit harsh but don’t worry too much about it you still gave me some good tips :stuck_out_tongue:
Obscuring blow
Ah yes I have returned!!! xD
Doesn’t shindai have that backstab sword she can use on herself or ally?



All the shidai lists I’m running atm. Hit up @niklaren and @eurasianjay for more. The artifact and ox lists are both meme/borderline meme, but can do well with a galaxy brain like mine practice and knowledge of the meta. Mantra and arcanyst are both competitive to the highest level of play with an average amount of skill needed to reach ceiling.

Artifact (Tier 2):

Ox-canyst (Tier 2/ meme):

Mantra (Tier 1.5-2):

Arcanyst (Tier 1):



Don’t let spirits hold you down. Embrace the backstab fun. The issue of wall-hugging is why ranged is a core keyword in songhai. Use ranged to work in assistance with backstab.