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Increased turn time limits


Yeah but can’t have a static timer because trolls would just sit there then games would last hours or until you concede.


Just allow us to remove the animations…they look nice but are very annoying if you want to execute long turns


It could only be in friendlies as that would add a level of thrust but if it was friendlies I would legitimately like a 3 day long timer like chess has.

I’m all for increased timer.


Yeah, no.
Otherwise, I could just stare at a screensaver for the same level of “lightning fast exciting battles”.


I don’t know about the speed but it ramps how exciting it is up to 11.


If you don’t mind using scripts, then there is a helpful one within T2K5’s where it speeds up the animations.


That would actually be cool though.


There could be a time bank that you could turn on which has a 4 minute timer. When your turn runs out, you have 3-4 minutes to play with. When the timer decreases, it decreases permanently for the rest of the game, meaning you can take time on crucial turns while not making the game to on too long.


The smart thing to do would be to allocate time based upon cards in hand and units on board.


Finally somebody makes a statement about this. I wholeheartedly support this motion. 2 minutes would be nice, but I would prefer 3 minutes or even 200 seconds.


Even better, make it a card!

Salty Emodude
Neutral Rare
2 Mana 3/3
Opening Gambit: Increase your turn time into 1 minute.
Dying Wish: Decrease your next turn time by 1 minute.


even better, give these to your opponent somehow then kill them to skip their turn!


Make it a 2/3, a 3/3 for 2 mana is far too good of a statline for having no restrictions


statline is too good, effect is too crap. Its balance.


Why do people use windblade? because its statline is amazing for a 2 mana minion, but it has a restriction of needing to be close to your general. this is literally windblade adept without the restrictions


In my opinion, each minion created to serves certain purposes. Even windblade’s effect and stats is great, you wouldn’t see it in any Ziran’s deck, would you?

2 mana 3/3 is amazing in gauntlet, but crap in constructed because its serves little purposes; unless the player played aggro or combo, or really bad on deciding how to make decisions, or preferred multitasking while playing Duelyst, or narcissist bastard who like to stall games while spamming infinite emojis at enemy…or wanderer deck (oh crap i should make it to legendary XD)



No, you would not see it in a ziran deck because I don’t think ziran even has much room for cards that aren’t heal oriented(or that have synergy, such as blistering skorn) but that is besides the point. The point is is that the card is a neutral card, and can be used in the decks that CAN benefit from a 2 mana 3/3 (not just lyonar!). I think you are underestimating the difference in power between cards with a statline that only appears slightly better.


Both train of thought is right. Your argument its stats weight more that its effect because can contesting mana tiles. My argument its effect counterbalance its stats more, because its effect done almost nothing even its stats superior. I’m not underestimating anything and perfectly understand difference between stats, thats why i understand how cpg nerf certain cards and other people call wanderer is op. Anyway, this really derailed much.


Instead of more time limit, i think is best if the timer pause with every move, attack and animation. If you have a lot of minions, you could move them without problem, and if you dont you dont waste time


Am I misunderstanding some thing? From what you typed originally, the minion had no downsides, permanently increasing your turn time, only setting it back to normal the turn it dies (for one turn). There was clearly some kind of miscommunication because you made a statement later suggesting that there was a downside. Would you mind if I ask for you to clarify the ability of your minion for me?