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Increase turn timers


It’s not what everybody looks for I guess. I agree with deathsadvocate in that longer turn timers allow for deeper games, allowing you to find lethals more often. Many of the games I lose is usually because I run out of time, since I’m not a very fast player. I can’t think of all the options as fast as somebody else who is better than me. A longer turn timer will still give me a chance at winning a game against a better player, which imo truly defines to me what the thrill of a game is.


This is definitely the root of the discussion. I loath playing on instinct and prefer to methodically calculate everything making my decisions based on probability. The turn timers in Duelyst are super stressful for me.

There is a pretty good chance I am the minority with this mindset, but regardless they are two very different, but equally valid, mindsets.

I think the solution would be a happy medium to make both types of players happy. Turns stay the same, but we have a small time bank reserved for the harder turns.


Imagine how much time would be saved by making so Duskweaver doesn’t take 5 seconds of idle time to die.


Lower turn timers are better for a casualer audience who will get ticked off if they have too much downtime, where more hardcore players are either thinking through their opponent’s turn or willing enough to suffer the downtime.

Like it or not you won’t have a successful game just by catering to the niche audience, you should try and make your design as facilitatory to the majority as you can, and of course hopefully that also is conducive to a fun and enjoyable game for all parties.

I think mostly if the turn timers was longer it wouldn’t change the pace at which most play. But essentially it is a minor benefit for certain, typically more hardcore, players that want longer to think and a minor deficit for players of all types that want faster paced games and less rope abuse.

I think the way the rope works right now is simple to explain, understand and play around. I personally wouldn’t change it, even if I sometimes find myself wishing for more time, or wondering why it took them 89 seconds to flash wander, then emote.


instinct is probably why i suck at like, everything. lol


What makes you think I don’t build new decks?


just think faster


That actually seems like a great idea. Let’s say, each player has 60 seconds each turn (even less than now), but also ~3 minutes it can spend whenever in the game. When 60 seconds expire the bar showing how much additional time you have left appears.


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But can you thonk faster? :thonk:


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