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Increase turn timers


The first 3 turns or so can still be as long as they are right now, but starting from T4 the timer should be increased to at least 3 minutes. If anyone at CPG is still hired please take this into consideration. Thanks.


My team lost so much shit because of timers, youve no idea


I have a strong feeling that I would still rope with a 3min timer :smiley:


Meanwhile in Cps office


Again, lost a match because the turn timer ran out. Jesus, this game is tailor-made for braindead Magmar players.


Yeah but it is difficult to just increase the turn timer. It wants to be a fast game and already a lot of people complain about people using their whole 90 seconds to decide stuff. Imagine that would be 180 seconds.



Increasing turn timers is a great idea for really competitive play and if tactics actually mattered in the game. Except Plasma Storm and Rebuke don’t care where you are.
And the whole bunch of other ranged removal.


Turntimers realy kind of show the kind of game the devs want duelyst to be,


Turn timers and the number of good swarm counters show what the devs really think of us swarm players :stuck_out_tongue: Nowadays I just quickly click through my moves after thinking for half a minute whenever I have 5+ minions out (regardless of whether I find a sensible turn to play or not), cause I know I won’t be able to use my minions at all if I start to think things through.


Bullet gamemode with 5-10 second turn timers?

Inspiration from lichess where ultrabullet games take place where the ENTIRE game finishes in 30 seconds. (both players 15 seconds, 0 increment)


You play ultrabullet? scoffs I play UbErbullet. It’s a contest between me and the opponent to see who can hit the resign button faster.


More then 1 year playing almost the same decks and you still need wxtra time on timers ?


Child Protective Services :rofl:


Well at least you know you’re cunted when somebody takes longer than necessary to play their turn.


The more experience you gain, the more you understand the game, and the many different possibilities you need to account for. I have been playing for many years usually towards the top of the ladder. I have lost more games to the short turn timer then anything else.

I wish the turn timer was twice as long as it is, and I do not understand why people are so impatient.


i think that having a limited amount of time adds to the thrill of the game, and when you or your opponent make a mistake due to the limited time, it adds to the intensity of trying to figure out how to compensate/capitalize on said mistake. The timer adds an intensity that helps determine who is better and by giving level-headed players an edge. mayhaps they could have two different modes, one for playing slow and one for the faster timer?


That does not determine who is a better player, merely who is the faster player. Both are different and independent skills.

You say thrill, I say stress. I want depth, not speed. The faster it is, the less depth there is.

And unfortunately a split que for time preferences is not feasible.


I usually feel exhausted after ~4 games; I’ll play impatiently and sloppily to finish the daily, which takes 8+ games.


it really shouldn’t be THAT stressful. it’s just a game (although you do play at a way higher level then me.) it can be speedy and deep, but the instinctive reactions that screw you over or save your game are part of it. relying on your gut is one of the things that i enjoy the most about this game