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Inclusion of more board effecting cards welcomed?


Hello there MMF here, bringing all you decent folk with more stuff to discuss, debate, and dribble about. With each addition of cards duelyst itself gets more and more complex, or does it? Positioning in itself is a crucial part of the games experience and to be a good player means to be smart about where you put your minions. However, cards with rush essentially nullify the importance of such a key part of the game play experience. I think that Mekantor Jesus is a prime example of a card that renders even provoke useless, provided that you can place it next to more than just that provoke minion. CP understood this and their inclusion of Night Watcher is evidence of the power of rush minions. However one must wonder whether or not that’s enough. A 4 mana 2/4 with forcefield that nullifies any rush minion is a decent enough card but isn’t exactly consistent even when you run 3 of them. It seems to me that it’s about time that CP shows us what it can do with its board. The board as it is now is beautifully crafted. With some sneaky card placements and manipulation of minion abilities you can make it virtually impossible for your general to be hit with a melee attack. You can ensure the safety of a crucial minion and you can even clear an area of enemy minions. Through cards such as sand trap and lightning blitz(or perhaps the entire infiltrate ability family) CP has shown us only a little of the many possibilities available with duelysts board. Personally I would love to see cards that had a lasting effect on the board or perhaps on the minions summoned on it. Creep is an example of a long lasting tile effect and CP could design cards that can transform a tile into a trap that can have a multitude of effects on whatever stands on it, and that’s not just limited to damage. CP’s already demonstrated that they have the creativity to make these type of things possible and I look forward to what they may come up with in future expansions. Please if you have ANY input whatsoever on this pipe-dream of mine just comment below. I’m sure that if any dev happens upon them they would be interested to know of what you think of this! :wave:

P.S did anyone else notice how this just became another card idea post? Whoops:sweat_smile:

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